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person took a boat to a sandbar to play frisbee w/their dog

I am presently not understanding the commitment to the idea that a ‘meta’ key is something that has existed in the wild since 1980.

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On the one hand: fingers
But, on the other hand: more fingers

household shitpost 

…what did you do during the war, REYNOLDS!?

presents 🤝 ghosts
being able to surprise people

Appropriately enough, I continually forget the Grey Sun & think Shadow must be a part of Indigo Nightside.

how is shoplifting bad? i thought we were supposed to vote with our wallets

I just replace every instance of "labor shortage" I see with "Inadequate wages"

How can rebasing a branch containing literally one file on to another branch introduce a merge conflict in a different file? What the ever-linusing fuck is going on here??

Playing with someone else’s code, so I can feel bad about my own stunted capabilities.

How to ensure everyone knows your virtual world will have teledildonics support:

Put me in your New User Trailer.

yeah but does your girl, you know *mimes refilling the britta*

Opened up Tusky and forgot what I was going to say now, but I'm sure it was profound

I felt guilty for leaving the puppy in her crate while we were at urgent care so we took them on the ride to pick up my meds after a necessary potty break. they were fine. Cinder did her first kidney bean and so maybe she really is 1/5 boxer. 😭😍

The amount of freedom an individual has in the western world is directly proportional to the amount of wealth they control. People living in western society think of life as a form of lottery where they're hoping to get a lucky break and win actual freedom for themselves.

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