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Sometimes, when we're not in a hurry, we just like to head to our destination and travel badly. Like, not pay attention to bus stops, or wander around before catching the next one. Inefficiency doesn't exist if you aren't trying to do anything efficiently.

Hang on. This anti-avian thing is deeper than first suspected

Registration #A296222 - 1957-08-09
Title: Moundsville's mammoth mound.
Claimants: Delf Norona
No renewal record found.

Relentlessly looping "Train to Miami" until Spotify is forced to include it in every generated playlist.

i like bots posts so they know they did a good job

I imagine working in a gym is one long training montage set to the worst music imaginable

A horse 🤝 A helicoptor
being able to go into a stall

A good quote from Alyssa Rosenzweig in an interview about her work developing GPU drivers that I think is a good philosophy for all engineers to have and find comfort in:
"Sometimes debugging feels like chasing my tail. But that’s not a problem — I’m not going in circles; I’m spiraling out and learning so much along the way. Sometimes that knowledge doesn’t help fix the bug, but it’s always a treasure!"

Canopy glowing
A slow dance with the summer
So soon autumn looms.
Such beautiful light under the canopy of this wonderful tree in the Portland Japanese Garden when I visited a few weeks ago. Difficult to capture the magical glow in a photograph.
#portlandjapanesegarden #japanesegarden #pdx #pnw #garden #portlandoregon #pacificnorthwest #oregon #tree #summer

Hey, if you're beginning to plan your 2020 travel, now's a fine time to think about WisCon and to nominate yourself or a friend for the Member Assistance Fund

"to cover airfare, gas money, hotel costs, childcare, or any other prohibitive cost."

Sometimes I think about the esoteric claim that every human being on Earth is here because they specifically chose to be here, now, at this point in history

and it fills me with awe at how courageous everyone currently alive must be

Serious question:

Has anyone made a board game where players rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic?

*slaps roof of the refrigerator* this bad boy can fit so many lemonades in it


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