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someone with access to dalle please run biblically accurate coffee mug

crime zoom: dirty objective solution 

I don’t even know what to call Unscheduled Murder while Committing Burglary by way of Chemically Assaulting a Cop in pursuit of Blackmail ingredients. Hubris? I do love ambition.

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crime zoom: dirty objective solution 

Optimal Path would seem to have been some subset of: autopsy, frame, hole, poster, foods, whiskey, kodak, strip club, newspaper, scars, gloria but I’ve not done a rigorous analysis. Those are what in GUMSHOE ttrpg would be Core Clues.

That tells you that Scars has Motive against the Victim, Method of Death is a gun, the path from Scars through Gloria to the victim is Means of access.

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crime zoom: dirty objective solution 

Spoiler flagging this one.

I’m not thrilled that Solving this required noticing the same misnaming to clinch it but I’m glad that picking up on the Scars (oh aren’t you Subtle) -> Eva Path got us there anyway. I lost my argument to for which evidence cards to present so we didn’t maximize points.

No bonus points; we deliberately chose to reveal every card simply to fully explore the game. As you’ll guess, that’s a ton of false leads.

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5: taking the questionnaire ends the game
6: the questionnaire is answered mostly in the form of revealed cards; my suggestion is that you have, at minimum, a candidate culprit revealed to answer the most important of several questions
7: you’ll ideally want the Tripod of Solving (not a hint) in hand: Means, Method, Motive

Knowing all of that in advance would have made this xp enjoyable for me so I hope you get an opportunity to enjoy


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How to Enjoy Crime Zoom: a Dirty Objective, on BGA.

1: play it solo; it supports up to 6 players but the UX sucks for >1
2: play the ,,tutorial,, first; it’s effectively an introduction to (some of) the UI
3: once a card has been revealed & moved in to the case area below the scene view, it can be clicked again to re-enlarge
4: on the left of the enlarged view, there’s a dim thumbtack icon; clicking that will make the card present in the thumbtack view under the fingerprint menu


JRPG: Japanese Role Playing Game
CRPG: Canadian Role Playing Game

systemd commands might be hard to remember but at least they’re tediously long & opaquely fussy about options given

I felled a tree. I am very satisfied.

— Dodók Silnish, Carpenter

Registration #A49375 - 1932-02-25
Title: The official system of contract bridge, simplified, concise; the official book on the official system.
Author: Bridge headquarters, inc. Advisory council.
Claimants: Pub. for Bridge headquarters, inc., by the John G. Winston company, Bridge headquarters, inc.
No renewal record found.

I might have bought a bunch of little rubber ducks for CS 202 students. Might.

To use for rubber-ducking their code, naturally.

Staring off into the middle distance at the revelation that some people run a single mongodb instance in production. In a container.

My most toxic trait is hating poems but loving poets.

@ranjit @erinbee

This is just to say

I have examined
the copper
that was in
the delivery

and which
you were probably
was adequate

Forgive me
they were sub-standard
so brittle
and so crap

Antibiotics 🤝 A sick person
being able to battle disease

In hindsight maybe teaching the rocks to think, when we haven't even worked out what the trees are saying about us, wasn't our best idea

Yay, my old friends at Evil Mad Scientist Labs have a new book out! It looks so good!

"Open Circuits is a coffee table book full of cross-section photographs of electronic components, along with photos of those components in context, and descriptions of how they work."

One of the biggest problems in Information Processing is how to Process the most important Information,

which is Information about what Information must never be Processed.

This is especially difficult if the Information about what Information must never be Processed is itself Information that must never be Processed.

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