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#OTD 6 Oct 1917 civil rights and women's rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer was born in Mississippi. She defied arrests, white supremacists, and police to vote, then organised to register thousands of other Black people to vote across the South.

People using minority groups to defend megacorporations has the same energy as empires arguing they are necessary and good because they provide the infrastructure (nevermind that it is designed purely for extracting value).

Look, everybody knows they provide services, but that does not make them good, nor does it make them non-replaceable.

Minority groups should control their own technical infrastructure and practice autonomy and idk what you are doing on this platform if you don't already acknowledge that. We just need more outreach to help make this happen instead of the "charity" of rich corporations and shit.

The ghost of Gottfried Liebniz is like "hey did I ever tell you about my Characteristica Universalis, you should totally look that up"

I bet the person who invented Roman Numerals was all "lol this is a terrible dodgy hack, still, no point in overthinking it, this whole little Republic's such a boomtown that we'll only be using this for a year at most until a proper counting system gets standardised"

Turning my music up louder than my thoughts, eardrums be damned.

"There is some sort of perverse pleasure in knowing that it's basically impossible to send a piece of hate mail through the Internet without its being touched by a gay program. That's kind of funny.” -Eric Allman, creator of sendmail. The Advocate, 3 March 1998, p. 41.

"This podcast is gonna be a Spotify exclusive going forward."


you're no longer producing a thing i would call a podcast

My brother just sent this to the group text, today is 🃏 WILDCARD 🃏 BASEBALL 🃏

All Husbands Are Bastards, per my spouse. 🤣

Everyone dies within six months of their birthday...
-CurvyGyrl, Dec 2013

Doctor Who is short for Doctor Whosun send toot

ai generated british food 

I decided to give two neural nets a go at the Great British Bakeoff technical challenges. They did both much better and much worse than I had guessed.

The next Bond film is titled 007: No Jorts 2 Dye, and it's about time the crafts tutorial genre and action genres met

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My favorite autowreck is, whichever of idealistic or realistic I thumb in, autowreck will change it to the other.

If there is a better name for a linux wifi management tool than "connman" I cannot imagine what it would be. That and WPA_Supplicant, it's magic. Humbly begging for a network connection, from somebody seeking to decieve and defraud you. It's perfect.

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