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Doctor Who is short for Doctor Whosun send toot

ai generated british food 

I decided to give two neural nets a go at the Great British Bakeoff technical challenges. They did both much better and much worse than I had guessed.

The next Bond film is titled 007: No Jorts 2 Dye, and it's about time the crafts tutorial genre and action genres met

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My favorite autowreck is, whichever of idealistic or realistic I thumb in, autowreck will change it to the other.

If there is a better name for a linux wifi management tool than "connman" I cannot imagine what it would be. That and WPA_Supplicant, it's magic. Humbly begging for a network connection, from somebody seeking to decieve and defraud you. It's perfect.

What's your favourite Craig Bond film?

Conspiracy theory is all well and good, but, in our rush to theorize, are we in danger of neglecting the hard, unglamorous, day-to-day work of conspiracy practice?

a Danish museum lent a bunch of money to an artist working on an art installation called "Take the money and run", supposedly made to show the difference between a yearly wage in Austria compared to Denmark

when they got the frames, they were empty

the artist took the money, and ran

this, the artist has stated in interviews, is the art piece

I love it

I finally got around to making a cover pattern for the larger hardcover journals and, did a couple with a new Viking longship design. Like the other covers, these are vegan/synthetic leather.

#celtic #celticart #celticdesign #knotwork #celticknot #glowforge #lasercut #lasercutter #veganleather #leathercraft

I want fewer data centers and more data edges.

The fact that entire commercial and political careers were made in the field of *literal slave trading* over the last 500 years SHOULD HAVE been a warning to the English-speaking world that money is not a very good indicator of being a good person.

But it took quite a long time for acknowledgement of even that extremely blunt form of damage to sink in. Even among people who were otherwise philosophically committed to ideas like "liberty" and "self-governance" and "human rights".

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coincidence warning 

Well well well if it isn’t my old flame, 4x4 tables of relational data.

Photobucket keeps sending me emails acting like it's some kind of threat that they'll close my account and wipe all the photos of me from 2002 to 2006 off the internet forever, and not just like a really sweet kind thing they could do for me

Stared at a Vagrantfile too long & my face froze like that.

*slaps roof of campaigning* this bad boy can fit so many whistle-stop tours in it


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