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"The modern internet treats refusal to be exploited as damage and routes around it", how'd we end up here.

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Finally won a fight with AWS. Immediately declared myself done working for the day lest they manage a reversal.

why do they call it bi/pan and not ambisextrous

my parents had to replace the kitchen door handle with a knob because the cat had figured out how to use the handle. however they didn’t have a matching backplate for the spare doorknob they had lying around. so they just… printed one out

The strained look on everyone's face at the end of the meeting after we all say "goodbye" and start trying to mouse over to the "leave" button.

Finally managed to talk myself in to logging in to the Sodality of the Secret site again.

Stayed at the office until after dark last night, came in early today. Let's get this bread *pours coffee over themselves and quietly sobs in the corner*

“Why are you lying face first on the floor?”

“I was updating firmware and bricked my shoes and now I can’t walk”

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Catholic sex ed claims abstinence is 100% effective birth control, but it
didn't even work for Mary
-Sir_Liamus, May 2016

CERN: Welcome back, Sir Tim.

TBL: Web's haunted.

CERN: What?

TBL aims Large Hadron Collider at his old NExT workstation. "Web's Haunted."


Today has all of the chaos and stress and despair of herding cats but with none of the fun of being surrounded by cats. I would like to talk to the manager

Just remembered TOAD, the Oracle toolkit. Surprised to learn that it’s still a thing.

The day doesn't start officially until I've spilled coffee all down my front

hi fediverse, I just posted transcripts of a few talks and lectures I've given over the past few years, mostly concerning the connections between machine learning, language and poetry:

(notes and summaries in individual posts below)

Rest of knitting class acts weird when I refer to myself in keening unearthly tones as Atropos, The Unyielding One, The One Who Cuts The Thread. AITA?

raccoons are just cryptids who don't mind being photographed

Insertion sauté
Recursive Merge Sauté

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