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I have some exciting professional news to share!

The Sloan Foundation has generously funded "Collaborating on Software Archiving for Institutions" #CoSAI, with 3 streams of work:

1) technical development on open source, decentralized toolkit for software archiving & replay; 2) community building and education on software archiving; and 3) optimizing machine and human workflows

Psyched that this is a big collaborative project, feat. the one and only @wilkie

Read more:

Nice mini-site from Alvy Ray Smith, one of the cofounders of Pixar, debunking a lot of the myths about Steve Jobs' involvement in the company.

TLDR; he was a very useful investor for them but the idea that his "vision" shaped the company is incorrect. Around the time Toy Story was poised to be a hit, he positioned himself to *look* like a visionary.

The Order of the Goetica has all the best family gossip.

"Back to the Future with RSS!" by Nicky Case

RSS is still the best way to consume internet media IMO. Let's hear it for RSS.

Every Apostate belongs to an Order with a membership count of one.

Job Posting - DevOps - 100% Remote 

Hello Fediverse! The team I'm on is looking to add a couple DevOps folks. We're already a distributed team supporting education tech, with members in UK, Kyiv, and 3 US TZs. Please refer awesome folks you know, especially folks who are underrepresented in tech. - NOA/LATAM - AMEA

another sketch from my daily watercolouring throughout july 🐺🌙

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Uhhh did Code & Quill stop offering notebook subscriptions?

OneDrive, OneNote, OneCare, one Phone
One golden Zune of what could be

One paperclip that shows the way
No mortal man can win this day

#BOFH excuse #63:

not properly grounded, please bury computer

Celebrating Sysadmin Day by completely borking coreDNS across an entire environment. Like ya do.

In Xanadu did KubIa Khan a stately pleasure dome decree. His twin brother, Kabla Kun, hates pleasure domes and never makes decrees.

You may ask one question.

we talk about “imposter syndrome” a lot in our communities, but rarely does anyone explain that it’s actually a complex trauma reaction, like cPTSD

capitalism motivates employers to constantly play down our worth; and it winds up gaslighting us into thinking we don’t have value

Replacing ‘Elf on a Shelf’ with ‘Scrobbler with some Cobbler’.

"Checkpoints" by Robin Sloan

A nice meditation on a strange YouTube phenomenon.

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