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gonna start replacing all double n's with m's. this is just the begiming

Back around 1993, I wrote a TTRPG called "SLUGS" - the Satanic, Loathsome, Unwholesome Game System. Only 200 were ever made. About 20 pages, copied & stapled.

Today, folks pointed me at a FB discussion about that game. It has fans.

Put your weird out there. People will love it.

RT @Dare2BWell
Interested in getting vaccinated? Free vaccine clinic in Oakland, Friday, July 23, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. Hot meals, special gifts and resources available. Offering all three vaccines. If you have questions a medical professional will be on site.
#LessStress #GetVaxed #BeatCOVID

I’ve heard a few people say in the past “I wish is could move to Mastodon full time, but I can’t because I’d still like to follow person X”

Well you can still follow whomever you like from Twitter, right here on Mastodon with by our very own @garritfra 😊

Me, proudly slapping down the 12p interest I’ve made from my savings account on the front desk at the bank: one mortgage please

"As a scientist I have become mistrustful of the storyteller who lives in my mind and come to realize that I must not put much confidence in their story. On the other hand, it would not be good to ignore them altogether, since their story generally has some foundation of truth more especially in those anecdotes that concern me intimately. " - Sir Arthur Eddington

watching a movie about bird migration and every goose is acting like a rowdy spring breaker the whole time

Someone should make a beastiary of Null-Like-Values in software because they're like subatomic Pokemon at this point.

Null (C)
Null (SQL)
Null (Javascript)
Nil (Lisp)
False (Boolean)
Void (C)
Void (Fexl)
Bottom (type theories)
NaN (IEEE floating-point)
Fail (Prolog)
Undefined (Javascript)
Unknown (three-valued logics)
Conflict (four-valued logics)
High Impedance (electronics)
Empty Set
Empty Object
Empty String
Empty Array
Empty File
Space (ASCII 32)
Other Unicode whitespace
Mu (Buddhism)

The Google Maps car should play ice cream truck music so Street View will be
filled with pictures of disappointed children.
-topherker, Oct 2015

What if Spider Man but as big as a spider and then Man Spider as big as a man and Spider Man bit Man Spider so then Man Spider got man powers

work is hell 

Contractually required to “love it” when my manager opens a conversation with “so I’ve been having trouble figuring out what to do with you”.

Pondering the regime change implied by the transition from ‘65 Love Affair to Summer of ‘69.

hades dr horrible shitpost 

The Thunder Signet is my Hammer.

In the process of learning how evil the cops are I've also gradually come to understand how little our society is equipped to actually help people at all.

Home faux-automation: I’m discovering that a combination of a slightly less than dumb thermostat, a small set of motion-sensor light switches and replacing some door hinges with spring-close options covers about 90% of my home automation needs without requiring “smart” anything.

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