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A change machine always contains the same amount of money.
-doomed_ficus, Aug 2014

hey everyone, May 11th is Pirate the Spy Kids movies day. go to pirate bay and pirate the spy kids movies and watch them if you want

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. - Jane Goodall

Woke up 3 hours early to watch people type greetings in to a chat window while we all watch a commercial for Kafka.

My phone company is currently underestimating somebody who has worked in call centers, understands networking hardware and has been grinding in video games since he was ten.

the existence of adhd also implies the existence of ad4k

I listen to The Fixx’s Radioactive half as often as I used to. In time, the iterations will subside to one quarter the original frequency.

#OtD 7 May 1945, Nazi Germany surrendered unconditionally, leading to the end of WW2. However, the struggle against fascism would continue as many fascists were either reinstalled into positions of power or allowed to reintegrate into society without punishment for their actions

Do Silicon Valley pre-nups these days come with a non-compete clause?

Maybe we just put solar panels on roombas and set them free?

Did you know we pay for articles? We'd love to hear pitches for articles on business, industry, or how-tos geared toward new creatives of ALL types. Artists, podcasters, editors, comics writers and illustrators, translators, game designers - hit us up! Content at dreamfoundry dot org is the place to send 'em!

Wow I love this: today is the launch of the e. e. cummings free poetry archive! A project that shows what we can do when works enter the public domain.

Behind the scenes notes:

#OtD 2 May 1967 armed Black Panthers marched into the California Capitol protesting a gun control bill which was targeting them. Supported by the NRA, Reagan signed the bill to stop Panther police self defence patrols. Learn more about the group:

That Latin on my coat of arms says "sorry I don't speak Latin", sorry

It's been a while, but we're back with a new free seminar!

Next Saturday, May 8th, at 3 pm cdt join us to learn all about press kits: when do you need one, what should you put in it, and what should you do with it.

Register here to save your seat:

How many time capsules d’ya suppose got buried during 2020? </rhetoric>

I like Fridays because you can drop a cheeky "Have a great weekend!" at the end of a conversation about work stuff and they stop talking to you until Monday

I like demo webinars because I can actually get work done while management is looking somewhere else.

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