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We trust you have been given the usual lecture by your system administrator. It usually boils down to three things:

1. Perfect is the enemy of good
2. Normalise asking people what the fuck they're talking about
3. Don't make friends with bullies or someday you'll end up alone in an echo chamber with them

I’m so tired that this cracks me up 

"Go 'please advise'rself." doesn't really work but I'm hung up on it, all the same.

If you need for your documentation to tell me that your software has a simple and intuitive layout ... it doesn't.

My anti-drug is launching the KSP "From the Moon" tutorial stage and bouncing around on EVA. While high.

Remember when the internet was supposed to improve things re: media and instead we’re in this weird siloed locked-off streaming media bizarro world

Basically the only good platform is Bandcamp

2020 will be the year of not trying very hard at your job

When you're bad, you get k8s in your stocking.

Let the record show, I have the best danged Invisible Sun players.

Y'all. A player at one of my Invisible Sun tables put together a business card for their vislae.

give me the epic stories of life in north america two thousand years ago, like, there is no shortage of possible stories about not-feudalism but some people just can't get enough of Landlord Adventures

Apparently my job now requires that I figure out how to trick AWS load balancers or k8s or both.

New shirt day! Got another v good design in the mail as well!

Devil MAY Cry was revised to Devil MUST Cry in a later version of the RFC

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