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"woo the internet is dying, now we gotta make a new one just for techies and nerds just like it was in the 90s" is a bad take.

the internet and whatever comes after it needs to be accessible.

"normal" people aren't killing the open web, capitalism is.

Theory: Half Life 3 has been available for the better part of a decade but nobody's figured out where the ARG required to kick off the release process lives.

Registration #A65892 - 1952-01-31
Title: Pacific sea shells; a handbook of common marine molluscs of Hawaii and the South Seas.
Claimants: Spencer Wilkie Tinker
No renewal record found.

If you can imagine something, it will be. - N. K. Jemisin

the seven habits of highly inflected languages

stop calling new things “features” and start calling them “complications”

Woke up remembering that The JudyBats were a thing. What even are brains.

adulthood is being able to go to the library whenever I want

Love watching lil pudgy legged babies walk. Like their little lifetime trip counter is on 0000000074 steps and they're bad at it. Go baby.

Slasher movies are more realistic than other movies because the cops are all incompetent bozos.

What if I were Machiavelli in black jeans
What if I was scheming it's no myth

Oh, thin lizzy? A jailbreak? “Somewhere in this town”? Gee, have you tried at the jail?

Bake my life into pizzas
This is my crust report
And cheeses
Don't give a fuck if I burn my mouth, eating

It will never stop being funny to me to dress Pixley in elaborate evening gowns and then send her to break rocks in the quarry

I wish the billions (trillions?) that were being spent on self driving cars was being spent on public transit.

Going forward, in the interest of saving time, I will be talking in your sleep instead of my own.

*slaps roof of the library* this bad boy can fit so many cook books in it

"collapse" joins "submit" in the list of verbs I would rather my web browser not use

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