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Triumph: better as a band than as a dog puppet.

Ask your doctor if having eyes the color of frozen meat is right for you.

I hereby propose that cookbooks shall henceforth be known as “nom fiction”. All those in favour say “aye”.

"So i just came out to my dad abt being #nb, and he said something really wise about names, i think.

He said “Gifts are not obligations. You give things to people, and you hope they like them. And your name was a gift from us to you. If it doesn’t work for you anymore, you’re not obligated to keep it.”

and i just thought maybe other people could use hearing something like that."
#lgbt #gender

Is this a weird flex? I need a ruling on this. It feels like a weird flex

Having COMO about an Iowa sf/f con this weekend.

State Farm now automatically texts to let you know they're about to call you. This is a sad commentary on just how many robocalls most people get these days.

👏Normalize people wearing cat ears and tails. 👏

#kikk19 "We are particularly worried that companies like Netflix register sleep and not HBO as their main competitor" yep, this is scary. Also I need to read this book, "24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep" by Jonathan Crary

current buffoonery levels are 68%

(68%) ■■■■■■□□□□

In retrospect, Bradley Cooper pissing himself was not a good costume. It's noon, and I'm out of piss

I love old houses. What kind of insulation do we have in these walls? None. We have none insulation. It has an R-value of none.

Workplace sexual harassment training videos taught me that there's apparently a wealthy of sexual harassment and hostile workplace creation apparently being done by anyone not a white male manager.

I was near to my own Bed. It pleases me.

— Vucar Såkzulsat, bookkeeper

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