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Hi, which instance (aside from PV of course) has the most/best emojis? Is there a good way to view all available ones? I feel like I had a link at one point but now I can't find it. Maybe you know @denikombucha or @suzukipeach ?

*slaps roof of New Jersey* this bad boy can fit so many humans in it

I survived my first keynote! and it was super inspiring how many folks came to talk about revolution with me afterwards.

Unionize your workplace! Strike in solidarity with other groups in your community. Build trust in your own power and the power of your community!

trickster faerie (xe/xer): hello, may I have your pronouns?

me (they/them): sure! they/them.

faerie (xe/xer/they/them): thanks, foolish human c:

me ( / ): wait what

learning is magic! specifically, it's card magic. sleight of hand. you want 'em to never realize they were learning the whole time until its too late

the trick to eating messy soft shell tacos is to just put another tortilla across your plate so, when you're done with a few tacos, the parts you dropped become a new taco!

remember remember the fourth the fifth
the minor fall and the major lift
the gunpowder the treason hallelujah

"Open" enrollment briefings about health "benefits" really drive home the sheer "fuck-you-ism" of American employers.

Worst part of noticing a fresh coffee stain on my shirt after getting off of a videocall: realizing that it's coffee which could have been contributing to my sense of being awake. :(

Me breaking into a high school physics class and smashing up all their measuring instruments: "Anarchy doesn't mean no rules, it means no rulers"

crying my eyes out at this frog's ability to be itself after being loved

it's so fucking cool that half the work people do is literally useless and we're still told that we're not productive enough to deserve to live

if were not supposed to eat the rich then whys dude called warm buffet

"Well I'm on fire now, so I guess I'll call myself the Human Torch."

"Well nobody can see me, so I guess I'm the Invisible Woman."

"I ain't much of a man no more so I guess I'm The Thing."

"And I'm Mr. Fantastic!"

>"Wow what the fuck Reed."

It should be illegal to “have an app”

It’s a terrible evening in the coffee shop, and you are just a fish.

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