When I photograph my cat in the wrong light he looks like a creepypasta

Checkout my new NFTs that are about to drop. Each one is unique, and each will get a chance to be featured on a flashing red LED sign

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i don't want self-driving cars i want a functioning bus system

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This morning’s forecast that I could achieve civility by adding 2 shots of espresso to my system was laughably inaccurate.

"food, the thing all life needs for sustenance is more expensive, but for some reason consumers haven't stopped buying it????"

have the folks at apple like never used an alarm clock?

*wakes up at 4 am, puts on apron and paper hat*

Time to make more scarcity.

(Today's NFT joke brought to you by early 80's Dunkin' Doughnuts commercials.)

From one of the other speakers:

"Governments will need to regulate virtual worlds so consent is required"


my dude

my guy

my humongous adult boy

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Leveled up my Not Pleasing Everyone skill to the point that I’m Not Pleasing Anyone.

Having some kind of an emotional response to Aday’s death.

alcohol mention but they were empty 

@xantha my least paranoid model is the Fell Off a Truck one, yes.

alcohol mention but they were empty 

A novel event to !recreate: having a bucket containing tools & beer bottles tossed upon one’s driveway. At least I heard it land, rather than detecting the event while backing over it.

Cabin rental listing: we have a jacuzzi
me: yeah yeah, okay
Cabin rental listing: complimentary coffee!
me: obviously
Cabin rental listing: we have our own cave
me: NOW we're fucking TALKING

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