In this house we believe

Love is Love

Science is Real

Women’s Rights are Human Rights

The US Government Actively Aids Terrorists, Including and Perhaps Especially Domestic Terrorists in the form of Mass Shooters

Kindness is Everything

yeah, i’m kinda nerdy. i’m into weird stuff like shows about zombies and marvel movies. i know, i’m a huge geek

Few people know Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past is a recipe for cookies that presaged how recipes would be written online in the 21st century

It’s harder to say which annoys me most: that this is the first thing I saw on this rack, that it’s not valid in this spelling tile arrangement game or that I have no hooks to play it even if it were.

We've been living in a post-apocalyptic world all this time. Only those apocalypses happened to other people.

because of and the recommendation "you can use the --no-deps option to skip the dependency discovery part entirely" ....

No, I don't need your metadata
No, I'm already satisfied
No, I got my requirements listed
So that pip knows what to find

No, I don't want no deps
A dep is a file that won't get nowhere with me
Makin' the resolving slow and performance blow
Even in Python Three

[the filk reflex does not always help me write professional copy]

Early on in the pandemic I wondered how much the spread of other infections diseases would drop due to changes in hygiene.

Early answer is, "By an order of magnitude."

curl -s http://artscene.textfiles\.com/vt100/globe.vt | pv -L9600 -q # Spinning ASCII art globe. Visit the parent directory in that URL for more animations.

Earth has blue skies and red sunsets. Mars has red skies and blue sunsets.

The sky on Earth is blue because gas molecules reflect blue light. Earth sunsets look red because all the blue light has already been filtered out.

The sky on Mars is red because dust particles reflect red light. Martian sunsets look blue because all the red light has already been filtered out.

Two planets. Opposite skies.


That all branch offices henceforth adopt the phrase 'Working Telerobotically From Home'

Benefit to corporate:

Many emails in all of our inboxes with subject lines of 'Joe, Cindy and Mahmout are WTFH this morning'


Some mornings are just WTFH. It is time we admitted that.

Managed to construct a set of turkey sandwiches without remembering to actually put any turkey in them, despite it sitting right there while I did.

AAAAAA Leonard Richardson has a new novel!!!! How can I survive until it's out?

Optimizing an organization for competent beginners isn't about designing for the lowest common denominator.

It's about designing for the greatest collective accelerator.

The broader set of effective contributors, the better product/market fit.

Elitism leads to over-optimization of momentary-performance over perpetual performance.

Perpetual performance answers the question of "how do we make sustainable improvements to the operating model for this product or service far into the future?"

Google: Your site has new coverage issues! Top warnings include:

"Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt"

Um...yeah. That's because I don't want those URLs indexed. The fact that they are isn't *my* problem, it's *yours*.

most of the people #onhere showed up at some point thinkin this website was gonna be like twitter. when new folks show up it's important to give them time and space to unlearn that, imo.

I cannot express my disappointment and surprise that Wikipedia is no help in identifying what military Captain Caveman achieved his rank.

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