Bake my life into pizzas
This is my crust report
And cheeses
Don't give a fuck if I burn my mouth, eating

It will never stop being funny to me to dress Pixley in elaborate evening gowns and then send her to break rocks in the quarry

I wish the billions (trillions?) that were being spent on self driving cars was being spent on public transit.

Going forward, in the interest of saving time, I will be talking in your sleep instead of my own.

*slaps roof of the library* this bad boy can fit so many cook books in it

"collapse" joins "submit" in the list of verbs I would rather my web browser not use

Shazam but for flags. Extra credit if it breaks it down to the heraldic implications.

Why write stories? To join the conversation. - Dorothy Allison

So. If a loss of 1 in 10 is decimated, when the corporate "rebalancing" takes out 1 in 6, are you heximated? Asking for a... team I know....

The Wizard of Oz (1939) is the perfect movie because no matter how many times you watch it, Dorothy's friends are somehow gayer than you remember

"a lot of money to change the google results for Github ICE" probably sums this up.

Still, I have thoughts.

You know those visual recaptchas that ask you to identify road features like bikes, buses, crosswalks, hydrants, bridges, traffic lights, and other vehicles? I don't think I've ever had one ask me to identify a pedestrian.

@evilchili well they do say refrigerate AFTER opening, so, doubtlessly

On the off chance that capitalism makes me a millionaire, my intention is to install a cellarette for my extensive collection of condiments. Mostly Dijon ketchups.

Tech Dipshit: unit tests are bad and the only people who use them are evangelists for dynamically-typed languages who wouldn't need them if they used a serious language.

John Carmack: *retweets Tech Dipshit*

Twitter: *nods sagely* Yes, I see, the Dipshit is right

Me: dammit, I saw the Discourse again

It’s a wonderful suppertime in the mountaintop, and you are a dutiful monster.

They finally kicked me out of the VFW after someone realized I'd been saying "veteran of the forum wars" this whole time.

teaching crabs how to read is forbidden knowledge

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