coincidence warning 

Well well well if it isn’t my old flame, 4x4 tables of relational data.

household shitpost 

…what did you do during the war, REYNOLDS!?

hades dr horrible shitpost 

The Thunder Signet is my Hammer.

80 Days the tablet or better video game 

This suggests to me the @desc-s of the only MUCK coding I did worth a damn. Which is only to say that I love the styling on this craft.


Had an idea for how I might address the insufficiency of egg flavor (for my tongue) with these chips. If I told you what I said when I had the idea, you’ll know where I was.

dumb food joke 

Found a bird’s nest with some eggs, put it in the oven to incubate them.

It’s harder to say which annoys me most: that this is the first thing I saw on this rack, that it’s not valid in this spelling tile arrangement game or that I have no hooks to play it even if it were.


Guess where I’ve hidden 180 ml of whisky

possible spoiler, for the queen 

Playing “For the Queen” at

FOGcon schwag. Might need to limit myself so I bought the one thing I’d have been mad later to have missed out on.


Pretending there’s more than 2 shots in this Americano despite only putting in 2 shots

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