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An overdue toot: I'm a thoroughly pedestrian white cisdude whose opinions can safely be disregarded. I <3 computers but hate software, lose at all kinds of games and probably just had some coffee, regardless of time or day.

turbotax has sent me 8 emails this month trying to get me to do my taxes with them

finally clicked on unsubscribe and got a page titled "set the rules of our engagement with you"

ok so it's war then..

Hello, I have just learned that a person's body recognizes tattoo ink as a toxin and is constantly trying to break it down but it would take "more than a lifetime" to eliminate it, and now I'm imagining being cursed with immortality and having to watch my tattoos fade and fade over eight hundred years or whatever


“I hope this email finds you—“ STOP FINDING MEEEEE

And now you'll be telling stories of my coming back, and they won't be false, and they won't be true, but they'll be real. - Mary Oliver

> many successful startups began in a garage

me: many successful startup founders were home owners

Goofus flies off the handle whenever someone or something annoys him. Gallant keeps a running list of wrongs so that he’s at a low simmer of rage at all times.

Mfw my job wants me to innovate but only working within tightly constrained parameters and limits of time and space and oh no budget either

I would definitely use a wish to instantiate a reboot of Connections hosted by the Little Lebowski. Shaggy dog techplanations which referenced things like Jack Parsons and Isaac Newton on the way to Meat Loaf stage pyrotechnics or w/e. If he’s not available, I’ll accept Uncle Duke as host.

An older person 🤝 people
being able to fear death

described an rate of data to someone as "100MB/sec, as in one whole zip disk per second" which is something everyone absolutely knows about in 2021

The simple truth is that even if capitalism can offer catgirls, they'll suck compared to the anarchist ones

80 Days the tablet or better video game 

This suggests to me the @desc-s of the only MUCK coding I did worth a damn. Which is only to say that I love the styling on this craft.

if you are a tremendous nerd, you might find the debugging story of “why newer erlang and rabbitmq won’t talk to my ldap server” interesting. also, rabbitmq 3.8.12 will be out later this week with some new config options from this journey. enjoy:

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