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My manager told me to take off early and then handed a production incident to me so that’s how my day is going.

Any society where providing basic needs for all people is seen as a controversial stance needs to take a long hard look in the mirror.

idk I've just got a chip on my shoulder since there are thousands of articles being published a day about Americans grappling with having to change their holiday plans suddenly and like. hi jews are citizens too we've been adapting to this and struggling with that for eight months now maybe talk to us too?

seizing the means in terms of the internet means either fleshing out meshnets or raiding the server racks from datacenters, physically redistributing them, and then uncapping arbitrary limits on upload speed for home internet connections

For people who don't know the background: In addition to telling people not to download a car, the MPAA (now MPA) is the body responsible for industry self-censorship. It determines that naked models doing gymnastics for James Bond gets a PG-13, masturbation with pastry gets an R, but mostly clothed lesbians making out gets an NC-17 unless the director plays calvinball with the ratings board.

That, in turn, determines whether your movie gets three screenings a day at the mall, or three screenings a year as part of a college arthouse distribution.

Do yourself a favor, look up "bird-safe glass tunnel testing".

-Read how they do it.

-Realize that this is very serious business that affects building codes globally.

-Marvel at this and share the info with everyone you know.

The fact that Lenin's critiques of capitalism aged so well shows that he managed to correctly identify the invariants of the system.

hey did you hear the news? 

Thought of something fun to say about Gerry Rafferty but forgot to write down the line.

just woke up, time to feel overwhelming love for everyone I know

Sometimes I wonder about the sheer amount of energy advertising must consume to continuously generate meaningless noise across the globe.

My brain woke me up at 2:00 AM to wonder why they're called Clydesdales and not Horse Majeure.

Good work, brain.

Just forgot the word 'persimmon' so I might be done trying to communicate for the day.

Spun up a jitsi meet server today and it was simple enough that I managed it. So props to them.

In the name of the follow

And of the like

And of the holy boost

Pickles float threateningly in the jar, like tiny Spacer's Guild navigators, inscrutable and silent.

This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

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