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An overdue toot: I'm a thoroughly pedestrian white cisdude whose opinions can safely be disregarded. I <3 computers but hate software, lose at all kinds of games and probably just had some coffee, regardless of time or day.

From one of the other speakers:

"Governments will need to regulate virtual worlds so consent is required"


my dude

my guy

my humongous adult boy

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Leveled up my Not Pleasing Everyone skill to the point that I’m Not Pleasing Anyone.

Having some kind of an emotional response to Aday’s death.

alcohol mention but they were empty 

A novel event to !recreate: having a bucket containing tools & beer bottles tossed upon one’s driveway. At least I heard it land, rather than detecting the event while backing over it.

Cabin rental listing: we have a jacuzzi
me: yeah yeah, okay
Cabin rental listing: complimentary coffee!
me: obviously
Cabin rental listing: we have our own cave
me: NOW we're fucking TALKING

Love words, agonize over sentences. And pay attention to the world. - Susan Sontag

#OtD 20 Jan 1934 Nazi Germany introduced a law designating capitalists as "fuhrers" of their enterprise and requiring "employees and labourers [to] owe him faithfulness". Along with other measures it helped funnel income from workers to big business.

i would like to alert all the fiber art people about the existence of this knitted alien autopsy pattern, which i love

Fell off the rails of an EKS Lab when I couldn’t even find the button for Chime’s chat window.

Hating the game AND the player because I can multitask.

Just skimmed marketing copy (paraphrasing) "'s a thoughtful business ... being in the business of thoughtfulness".

Went in to a full-on "you Can NOT BE! in the BUSINESS /of/ THOUGHTFULNESS" homage.

Okay but what if I just didn’t stop using Perl. What then.

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