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An overdue toot: I'm a thoroughly pedestrian white cisdude whose opinions can safely be disregarded. I <3 computers but hate software, lose at all kinds of games and probably just had some coffee, regardless of time or day.

Hit a phone data cap, and suddenly… can’t search my email. Even if I’ve got months of it here on a device that is by any metric a supercomputer..

You can tell that Google’s engineers are really, really comfortable people.

My “no, I will not meet w/ your customer” shirt is raising a lot of questions already answered by &c

instead of a cyberdeck I want a solardeck. Like an e-paper, daylight readable, low energy, solar powered, modular, wooden, solarpunk cyberdeck.

I have improved my record keeping. I am very satisfied.

— Zan Turelvutok, bookkeeper

hyphenating US state university campuses with em-dashes like they're Canadian ridings

University of California—Berkeley
University of Wisconsin—Madison


Because I could not stop for Depression

It kindly stopped for me.

During the 80's/90's there were various experiments with broadcasting software over TV and radio for people who were interested in those weird new "computer" things.

A few radio shows allotted time for broadcasting software over the air: Record the audio stream to tape cassette and load it back on your computer.

On TV an accessory was sold (forgot its name) that was a simple photoresistor you'd plug to your computer and place on the corner of your TV screen where a blinking black/white box would relay encoded data for your computer to store.

And then there was Teletext!

The BBC Micro had an adapter that let it view Teletext pages and even save them to file, so naturally they also broadcasted software over teletext.

Teletext archive (a bit slow): archive.teletextarchaeologist.

Teletext was broadcast as 'pages'. To view a page type its number into the 'P' box overhead.

Some of the text is corrupt because of the state of the VHS tapes the data was restored from but it's still worth a look!


The Marvelous Land of OZ is the little known sequel to The Wizard of Oz that has never been properly adapted because it's kind of hard for a transphobic society to adapt a book about a trans girl learning she's trans. Am I projecting?
Am I reading in?

Mfw the OS just suddenly stops respecting my configured destination for screenshots.

the main thing about The Expanse is that it's a show where you can tell it's made by people who know there's going to be a wiki about the show

My mom (who is not mentally great) pulled a story out of nowhere that none of us had heard before. On her wedding night, the mensfolk from town came over, broke in, stole all their candy and cigars, then made dad push mom down main street in a wheelbarrow while the guys sang bawdy songs. She called it a "sugaree" like this is a known, normal thing.

Investigating I found this and can't stop WTF?!ing.

submitting a paper to arxiv stating that O(69) only collapses to O(1) if the developer writing the algorithm can autofellate

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