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You can buy a sword. They don't want you to know this.

One thing about getting myself into hot water: dealing with the afterbath. I stole this bit from Vylar.

Idea I don't know what to do with: making an RPG character sheet that's a mandala that you color in sections of to choose skills and level up.

Just remembered that the album Eldorado exists.

Facebook gets US $40 million slap on the wrist for falsified video metrics that gutted the entire news industry

Though quite frankly, any 'news' organization that decided to just take Facebook at their word rather than investigating 'is this story true'.... kinda bought exactly what they got?

just noticed that drink cans are right hander biased, so the logo is optimally visible

this is the one instance where being left handed is an automatic win because you get to block avertising just by being you

does not make up for scissors

Glued to the ESPNNews crawl to see what my odds of winning the World Series are.

when two people illustrate race conditions by explaining them at the exact same time


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Kicking myself for not referencing Legendary Treasure in this toot.

Offending the server by asking for ketchup to put on their fancy parmesan fries. Motherfucker, you're just lucky I didn't call it catsup.

A high-functioning in the streets,
A sociopath in the sheets.

My quest is complete, I have finally located the Mask of the Ibis playsheet.

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