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New headcanon: Bladerunner and Mad Max take place in the same world, in different hemispheres.

It’s almost more exhausting being off call.

A shell game is when you move all your terminal windows around and try to remember which one is in the directory you want.

humans already know how to drive. we don't need a driving machine. the only two reasons you'd want to spend billions developing a self-driving car when a cheaper, more reliable technology (that is to say, the bus) already exists is if you
(1) specifically want to prevent poor people from travelling
(2) really, really hate unions

Legally, after the fifth consecutive time your car alarm goes off, I'm allowed to steal your car.

tech, TVs 

please enjoy this tusk 

I am not using an image description on this because it could actually trigger antivirus software to do so, but I like the way he thinks.

people who get married 🤝 A solicitor
being able to buy a house

now that somerville has made it so polycules can get health benefits i want to see mattress manufacturers make a bed that can comfortably fit 3 people who each have at least four plushies and three pillows

Paged awake by work; haven’t had that happen in a while.

it's only a roguelike if it's compiled in the rogue region of france, otherwise it's just sparkling permadeath

We went to the woods. Didn't see anyone else but a couple of vultures. 10/10.

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