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a game is a black rectangle with some things added to it.

I’ve just learned about Diphylleia grayi, otherwise known as Skeleton Flower as its flowers turn translucent when they’re rained on

Good news, they found something wrong with me.

Thinking about the WTO protests and the origins of indymedia.

Registration #A599648 - 1962-04-20
Title: Wealth and power in America; an analysis of social class and income distribution.
Claimants: Frederick A. Praeger, Inc.
No renewal record found.

Remember the year 2000 when all movies had "2000" in the name?
Who even remembers

Godzilla 2000
Dracula 2000
The 2000 Commandments
Around the World in 2000 Days
2000 Samurai
Miracle on 2000th Street
A Tale of 2000 Cities
2000 Angry Men

Terminology Update: The term "bumblebee" has been deprecated. Please update your documentation to reflect the new terminology: Pollen Chonker.

broke: blocking content when an adblocker is detected

woke: rewarding people that use adblockers to fight back against the capitalist hellscape with extra, exclusive content

Unabashedly describing myself as a former 24/7 Western dressing lifestylist.

mfw the convention whose data model I've been required to maintain compatibility with for a decade announces they've entirely cut over to a different db

News video urges "Turn your sound on". I say "Add subtitles." (Even autogenerated subtitles would help)

i deal with stress by ordaining people the leader of the Catholic Church. it might sound weird, but that's my poping mechanism

*sigh* this would have saved me many an hour:
"IPv6 dies without ICMPv6, as IPv6 doesn’t support packet fragmentation. If you use IPv6, never block ICMPv6 as a whole. Blocking parts of ICMPv6 without destroying your network requires careful research and testing."

Hang on, how can Jenna accept a second acrylic rod weapon from Roj (Cygnus Alpha).

"Palantir" would be a pretty good name for a data mining and visualisation service which looks initially like it would give you serious strategic actionable information but in fact has already been subverted by the forces of evil so that the more that you rely on its data feed, the more your knowledge of the world will be warped by its underlying misrepresentations causing you to make vast strategic blunders.

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