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Bad analogy:

video games are like television, except that instead of ads selling you things, you have to prove to the show that you're still invested in the story by actually moving parts of your body until the story tells you to stop and it rewards you with more story

Important news: finally managed a flyby of the Mun.

The key? Moar boosters!!

I want to draw a comic with little planes trailing advertising banners.

First panel, plane flying left to right: ALICE WILL YOU MARRY ME
Second panel, plane flying right to left: NO
Third panel, LtR: WHY NOT?
Fourth panel, two planes RtL:

Me: Wish we could watch the Mandalorian somehow

Friend, quietly: I've seen the Mandalorian

Me & sister simultaneously: *dramatic gasp* illegal download!

Friend: From Disney!

Joh: Would you steal a CAR?

Friend: If it was Disney's car ...

Joh: Would you steal a phone?

Friend: If it was Disney's phone ...

(none of us were actually mad, it was just quite funny how quietly friend mentioned it)

Changing the stress on each of the seven words in the sentence: ‘I never said she stole your money,’ can yield seven different meanings.

Working through our checklists and realizing I totally forgot to buy travel booze because of all the fun I had with being oncall while sick.

stan-ography: hide Stan in your files... nobody needs to know

If people want an open network, stop shit-talking open things 

TIL that you can download a free weatherscan 4000 (the software that used to power The Weather Channel, back when it actually showed weather) and I think that's pretty swell

Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable. - Mary Oliver

I don't know what elephants are out there that need to hear this, but you're good, and valid, and I'm glad you're here.

if i was swimming 11,000 meters deep in the mariana trench right now, i’d be dead because of the crushing water pressure. there’s no punchline i’m just giving you a fact

A few weeks ago we published a follow-up article about the project: "How sustainable is a solar powered website?"

The article is a very extensive research into the embedded energy costs of this setup and how to lower that. Additionally we have some statistics on visitors (865k unique), energy use (18.1 KWh) and uptime (98.2%) after more than a year of operation and what conclusions to draw from that.

There is quite some overcapacity in the system, so to increase our efficiency one approach would be to host multiple servers on that off-grid solar system. But that is scaling up. Instead the #lowtech solution we opted for is seeing how we can do the same with smaller batteries, smaller solar panel and hosting more sites on the same machine. To that end we've started migrating #french, #spanish and #dutch language sites to the solar server as well.

Anyway here is the whole thing with all the details!

Also found some old photos. Here's some good old San Francisco fog.

Celebrating President's Day Eve by listening to Jay-Z and Beyonce while playing Kerbal Space Program.

It turns out the laser in the studio can also cut this thicker paper-like stuff called wood. So, here is my first go at a little hardwood box with a spiral inlay. Cherry and maple. 2.5 inches square and 1.55 inches tall. Designed in Inkscape.
#celtic #celticart #celticdesign #spiral #celticspiral #glowforge #lasercut #lasercutter #woodworking #woodinlay

... We considered ourselves to be super dumb. This is a place of honor! We're commemorating all kinds of cool stuff here. We buried treats. The treats are yummy and good for your bodies. You should build a city here, right here, for easy access to the treats that are so good for you. ...

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