Hey folks! Anyone else see the tonal similarities between Under the Pendulum Sun and The Lie Tree? And are there any other books in this mini-genre because I really like it.

We have resumed a strategy that, while slightly more overt, still relies on the creation of a false sense of security. Note paw position.

probably not spoilery for Halt and Catch Fire but might as well cut 

My eyes are finally better enough to watch Halt and Catch Fire S4 and oh my god I am at least 150% Joe/Cameron shipper trash by volume, if the series is finally maneuvering them into a place where they can be good for each other I will be so happy. (I am on ep 2 and if you spoil me I will cry.)

Hey folks! Could really stand recommendations right now for books that center queer experiences, especially queer female experiences. There can be straight people in them but preferably not as major or plot-influential characters.

My cofounders and I just open-sourced the first few commits towards a federated recurring-payments platform geared towards supporting independent and small groups of creatives. github.com/wecohere/nourish.pa

We're going to be hacking on it over the winter break, and are super interested in help with ops/infra, marketing, and design!

Is anyone in my network somewhat immersed in the legalities and other pitfalls around accepting micropayments for sponsorships?

Would love to chat if so <3

My bestie made me promise to liveblog my reactions to CS Lewis's Space Trilogy for her Hannukah present. Should I echo those here, Shopmates, or stick to tinyletter.com/cslewisisweird ?


There's a connection here to the way I judge conference talks and technical materials, to my belief that genuinely high-quality nonfiction will try to meet the audience where it is and offer something new to it no matter its "level." I am sure there is a transferable skill here for my fiction. Maybe someday I will be able to transfer it.

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I've been thinking about why "The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe" didn't work for me. For a while I thought it was that I hadn't read its source -- but then why did I like "The Ballad of Black Tom?"
I didn't realize "Dream-Quest" was even pastiche until I was looking at reviews trying to puzzle out what other folks saw in it. I think that's a big part of it. I was able to hook "Black Tom" into what I knew of Lovecraft while reading it because it successfully flagged that I SHOULD.

My cat's priorities are so transparent. He's ignored me most of the day to cuddle with my domestic partner... but Chris gets up for a few minutes and

my intense personal reaction to a political book is inherently political I guess 

I went into _This Bridge Called My Back_ expecting ... oh, I suppose the usual things that well-meaning white ladies expect to get out of womanist writing.

I was not expecting it to give me the tools to understand and heal from some particular ways that white feminism & queer politics have damaged ME, and for that I am profoundly fucking grateful.

Have been primarily comfort-rereading lately and have lapsed in my commitment to read no more than 50% white people. What books by authors of color should I think about adding to my comfort reading rotation?

If you're living in (or near Detroit) and are looking for your first full time programmer gig, One of my clients is planning to launch their apprenticeship program at the end of the month and we're looking for candidates. Boosts appreciated! (Job description coming soon)

To-do list management 

@zee @gannet this feels like a kanban WIP limit approach! I'm using more of the one-day-sprint approach, but with no backlog--unfinished items get carried over or deleted based on priority.

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