Mastodon, can we play a game?

You describe an animal badly, and I draw exactly what you described.

(Do not tell me what the animal is. I will not try to guess. Please tell me AFTER I finish the drawing.)

Attached is a blue whale as my 6yo son described it. Want more? Reply with a description of your own!

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@bethskw i'm having an incredibly hard time coming up with an animal that doesn't seem too easy to guess from the words i'd use.

Birbsite link 

Birbsite link 

@bethskw ahaha, beautiful. i was going for "mountain goat", which it appears you pretty well guessed. :)

@brennen I kinda guessed but I hope you enjoyed the creative touches :)

@bethskw can we get the description that led to the blue whale drawing?

@pagrus I don't have it written down, but some of the features were:

It's blue
It has a long tail with things on it
Its arms are shaped like a leaf
It has big eyes and a big mouth
Its teeth aren't pointy, they are like human teeth

@bethskw it's a bird
but can't fly
loves to eat fish
has a long beak

โœ… like a cat, but big
โœ… irregular donut-shaped spots
โœ… light, golden brown
โœ… frequently blurry because he run
โœ… cute pink beard from eat blood

That is one fine-lookin' cheetah, Beth. Excellent job! :fire_friendly:

@thraeryn Oh no I just realized you said golden brown! Here, I fixed it. Now it looks exactly like a real cheetah ๐Ÿ˜

Basically a little feather animal that already fought a war with humans and can't fly

@bethskw a long thing with a long cone snout, four legs. Mostly stilt legs and shoulders. Deadly whip tail. Looks pernimently nervous. Triangle ears. Two big worried eyes and a shiny nose.

@bethskw bad description of a greyhound might have been too good XD

Thanks anyway! I love it X3



A small furry body
Wings growing out of its armpits
Pointy ears
Sharp teeth
Tiny legs
Big nose for its small face.
Gyroscopically challenged.

@RussSharek I had absolutely no idea! The armpits thing threw me I think.


I didn't want to totally give it away by describing the structure of a bat wing.


It walks on two skinny legs,
its feet are yellow and have three toes pointing forward and one back,
it is covered in black, brown and/or white feathers,
it has wings,
it has a sharp, tiny beak for a mouth,
its eyes are small, observant and judgemental,
and it wears a red spongy mohawk on top of its head.

@bethskw it's a fluffy thing, with pointy ears, a pink little nose, big mustaches and a long tail.

@bethskw a furry, long eared T-Rex that is perpetually pregnant

@meena @bethskw I badly described a Kangaroo and Beth drew it

@fun @bethskw that's the weirdest description for kangaroo i've ever heard

@bethskw This is a very lightly edited excerpt from the animal's Wikipedia page:

A long tubular organism with seven or eight pairs of slender legs, each terminating with a pair of claws. Above each leg is a rigid conical spine. One end extends some distance beyond the legs and often droops down as if to reach the substrate. Recent research suggests that the extended element is an elongated head with two simple eyes, a mouth with radial teeth, and pharyngeal teeth within the front of the gut.

@bethskw That is a better Hallucigenia than any of the official reconstructions I've seen! I love it, thank you!

@bethskw Another Wikipedia animal:

Adult females are of dark purple color with a broad and vertical reddish area along the body. They are elongated in shape without the very high dorsal fin. The thick and fleshy lips bear small papillae without barbels. They have a single row of pharyngeal teeth that have comb-like arrangements.

@bethskw A low to the ground, brown furry animal with big teeth and a heavy tail.
Likes to swim.

@apLundell @apLundell One big toothed low down swimmy guy, at your service!

@bethskw Oh wow! This is fantastic!

Best rendering of a beaver I've ever seen.

@bethskw oh oh this is gonna be fun

It's big and hairy, it has a BIG nose and tiny eyes, it walks on all fours and has nails on its toes.

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