My iPhone bricked itself randomly this morning.

After hours of trying every possible type of reset, I finally have it working again, but so much is lost. Not my work, that's all in the cloud, but I lost my workout history and can't get my Apple watch to pair and 😭😭😭

@bethskw weren't you making icloud backups? and shouldn't your apple health / workout data have just been in the cloud anyway?

@tekniklr iCloud was full for a while but I thought that just meant my backups would be a little old. Instead, they are gone.

Health app data is there but I was also using the stronglifts app and it didn't get backed up. :(

@bethskw I didn't know iCloud could be too full for backups! oh, nooooooo

@bethskw My condolences. Technology is a miracle until the moment it isn't.

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