I wrote this for Lifehacker about how all your notifications are LIES and today is a good day to turn off all your notifications, so enjoy:

@bethskw SO TRUE. Great article, and.... now I"m going to go romp through my notifications and turn off everything that isn't my family or my glucometer telling me I'm about to fall down.

Actually, much of it is already off.

@bethskw Totally agree. One of the first things I do when I set up a new phone or install a new app is pare down the notifications to the bare minimum.

My list is similar to yours -- direct messages from actual people get both visual and audio alerts -- though I do allow visual-only notices on email and social media replies (but not likes or retweets).

@bethskw I'm very anti-notification militant. My phone is in DND mode 90% of the time. If it's important I'll get a vmail or Wickr message. All other notifications .... Psssh

@bethskw That was a good article. It's so true. So many are glued to notifications.

@bethskw I liked that read. It was a good one. I've turned off notifications for a lot of stuff, but I really appreciate the tip about turning it off on the device instead of the app!

@maloki especially because it's so easy to get sucked in if you go to the app! Glad you liked it.

. @bethskw I've been doing this for years, but I realized that I am never happy when my phone interrupts me. So I moved to the next level. Do Not Disturb at all times without exceptions.

I will look at my phone once an hour be it to check the time or in order to kill a few moments. It's more than enough to see and respond to the notifications I deem important.

It gives you a bit of time to think about the upcoming interaction too and not get caught by surprise.

@bethskw I turned them off some time ago, because I find them SO irritating.

@bethskw I really liked this piece. I had already implemented most of your suggestions due to the anxiety they cause, but definitely a good reminder.

@bethskw Tangentially - I turned off the automatic sorting/categorizing and most of the rules on my email accounts after your article nudged me to think about *why* I keep most of the subscriptions.

I wiped out the backlog and I'm currently batch processing my email once a day to unsubscribe.

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