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Beth Skwarecki

The word of the hour is: Decisivencasce

The word of the hour is: Audiblypt

I wrote up my productivity tips/habits for Lifehacker today. It's weird to spend all day constantly worried about deadlines and feeling like I'm a terrible slacker and then have people react like "wow HOW do you DO IT" 😬

My most recent commission (for someone right here on masto)! Quite happy w/ it and was real fun to do #mastoart #commissions #scifi

I'm seeing so many people preparing for inktober, making sketches, binding sketchbooks, discussing promt lists and getting ready to INK BIG.
But, I also hear many people being intimidated by that, being worried they won't come up with stuff for the promts and dropped out last years bc of that.
So please, remember: The core concept is, that you build an inking routine. To make it LESS intimidating.
So even if you go through inktober inking a stick figure each day -
You've done a great job! ♥️

Princess Danger plays with bees.

@bethskw (yes the video is of the right but I promise I can do both)

Image from page 86 of "Die Leitfossilien : ein Handbuch für den Unterricht und für das Bestimmen von Versteinerungen" (1896)

Suddenly discovered I can now do a pistol squat on EITHER LEG. It's been three babies and one ACL surgery since I was last able to do one on the left! 🎉💪🏻💃🏻

(Video desc: one pistol squat.)

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The word of the hour is: Eyecestacies

Princess Danger's robot creations

The word of the hour is: Triumphalion

This is a character I invented for my daughter one night. She wanted me to draw a princess and a dinosaur. So I drew the princess jumping up and down on top of the dinosaur. My daughter did not approve. "That's dangewous."

I would not have my artistic vision quashed. This is Princess Danger. She jumps on dinosaurs, plays in traffic, balances on the roofs of tall buildings, and juggles knives just for fun.

(Image desc: simple line drawings of a stick figure princess doing all the above.)