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Beth Skwarecki

@bethskw (my husband, who eats mostly meat but wants to branch out, has only JUST realized that tofu exists and is delicious.)

Anybody have good tofu recipes that are (relatively) low carb?

They don't have to be vegetarian; in fact, if you have a recipe for like bacon wrapped tofu, now is the time to bust it out.

The word of the hour is: Complemently

fuck what recipes say, measure garlic with your heart

I'm spending today snuggled under a hand knit blanket planning my next novel and drawing all these ridiculous animals you folks have gifted me with. It's perfect.

The word of the hour is: Hontlebig

@bethskw I love everybody's descriptions so much! It may take me a while to get to all of them, but do not fear, they are coming! Thank you all so much, I really love drawing these.

Mastodon, can we play a game?

You describe an animal badly, and I draw exactly what you described.

(Do not tell me what the animal is. I will not try to guess. Please tell me AFTER I finish the drawing.)

Attached is a blue whale as my 6yo son described it. Want more? Reply with a description of your own!

Please boost!

Kuracychan (Australian Aboriginal) - Female spirit which can part under that finishes a people or human-bull

My iPhone bricked itself randomly this morning.

After hours of trying every possible type of reset, I finally have it working again, but so much is lost. Not my work, that's all in the cloud, but I lost my workout history and can't get my Apple watch to pair and 😭😭😭

This might be the first year all of them loved their costumes, wore their costumes, and looked amazing. Enjoy:

Just totaled up my workouts for the past month.

- 21 exercise days (I aim for every weekday; there were 23 weekdays).

- 645 minutes at the gym.

- 377 minutes of running (including warmup time on run days), total 31 miles.

@bethskw I love you, kid.

Image desc: actually I have no idea what this is. A pixelated cyclops dude thing. Made of cardboard and lovingly hand painted.

You think you're past the hard part of parenting when you're done with breastfeeding and the terrible twos and such... And then you find yourself up late the day before Halloween hemming a princess gown and constructing an entire cardboard Minecraft monster from scratch 😫

@bethskw He has watched enough YouTube that he thinks the proper way to play video games is by shouting the whole time at an imaginary audience. So when he's playing, alone, it's a constant stream of "OMG YOU GUYS THIS MOB IS SUPER O.P.!!!"

Should I put him on twitch and monetize y/n

My 6 year old is playing and since he's learning to write he is making up names for himself. I love that people all over the world are logging on and getting their butts kicked by someone named "I am Sorp MAD at YUW"

The word of the hour is: Peneright