Should I talk about comic books on here, too? Sure!

Today I picked up a bunch of trades: The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars 3, Giant Days 8, The Backstagers 1, Champions 3, Spider-Man: Miles Morales 4 and Star Wars: Han Solo.

Prolly gonna start with Giant Days because it always makes me happy and then maybe The Backstagers because I don't know much about it.

Relatedly: Boom! Box is so good! They publish the titles that make me the happiest every single time: Giant Days and Goldie Vance. Other comics make me as happy, but not as consistently.

@Jo Awesome! I read the Lando one a while ago and enjoyed it, so I thought I'd take a chance. Star Wars is so good when it's good and so bad when it's bad. You know?

@benhamill I kinda felt that Lando was one of the weaker ones, but most of the new Marvel comics have been fairly in my experience.

@Jo I've liked the Poe ones real well. The Kanan ones have been kinda... hit and miss for me.

@dconley Cool. I'm optimistic. I picked it up because I really love other of the publisher's titles and I remembered to actually have a look at the "LGTBQ+ Interest" section of the comic shop.

Me: I wanna read more comics with gay stuff in.
Also me: Walks right past the shelf labeled, more or less, "that gay shit".

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