I posted a thing about rereading The Left Hand of Darkness. Take a look if you're interested 😊

I'm trying to do this all year as I focus on rereads.

@beezyal ah this is an excellent analysis!

LeGuin is such a phenomenal author

@Satsuma thank you 😊 yes, she really had a way of resonating deeply and endlessly. I feel her absence and her presence daily

@beezyal Commenting partly to remind myself to read this tomorrow when I’m awake and partly to mention there’s a big Le Guin reread going on over the course of this year at and the first book being read of The Left Hand of Darkness.

@dani oooooh! I had no idea, that's a nice coincidence 😊 I'll have to check it out, thanks

@beezyal Btw, had a chance to read this over lunch today and loved your take. Good words and feelings and very relatable bits about writing.

@dani 😊 thank you so much for reading! I'm glad it connected with you

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