I have so many friends doing great work and great writing. I want to celebrate them. This thread will stay pinned on my profile, and I'll slowly post all the wonderful things people in my life are doing. If you feel like supporting them, please do. I'll provide links 😊

First on the list because it's most recent:

My good friend and colleague has just published his first collection of poetry. Deciduous Qween by Matty Layne Glasgow is a beautiful melding of queerness, pop culture, and ecology. If you're into ecopoetics, queer ecology, and fantasies of fucking your childhood heroes, this book is right up your alley. Matty's poetry is beautiful, straight forward, and endlessly rereadable. I've read this book half a dozen times.


I've only just gotten around to reading this book after knowing the author for a couple years, and I wish I hadn't waited. A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend by Emily Horner is a YA novel that explores grief, transformation, and sexuality. The prose is snappy and insightful, the characters so believably trapped in the teenage process of navigating change. It's also gay, antiauthoritarian, and low key about relationship anarchy.

The book might be hard to find, but read it if you can!

@beezyal Oh, hey, ebook available at my library :)

I've lowkey been wanting to read something YA and/or relationshippy for a bit not.

@starkatt I really hope you like it! I know this thread is me plugging friends, but this is genuinely one of the best books I've read in *ages*

If you do like it, remember her name, bc she'll hopefully have another book out within a couple years, and this one is going to be very very good.

@beezyal I'm only a few pages in and really enjoying the voice so far :)

@beezyal ...dang, well, I sure just did read that in a single sitting!

Thank you for the recommendation!

@starkatt oh wow! That's a lot of emotions for one sitting. I'm glad to have given a successful recommendation 💜

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