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An exciting announcement, solarpunk Show more

An exciting announcement, solarpunk Show more

An exciting announcement, solarpunk Show more

We also talk about the responsibilities we feel both as newly christened "professionals" and as leftists writing in speculative genres. A big theme of episode 4 is finding balance between story and meaning, learning to let them work together rather than compete.

Now that the 4th episode is out, I've just realized I never tooted about the 3rd episode of the writing podcast I'm doing! Come check out our conversations 😊

We're taking on big topics like really really loving Gabriel García Márquez and Ursula Le Guin and what we've learned from their craft in particular.

Ep 3: anchor.fm/WritingAndDying/epis

Ep 4: anchor.fm/WritingAndDying/epis

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friendly reminder that the things you say on here arent really private even in DMs

After I typed "great," my phone suggested the eagle emoji, and now I'm concerned 😐

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The only recent TV shows I've been following with any kind of regularity are the Orville and Star Trek Discovery.

(and The umbrella academy, and PKD's Electric Dreams, but I don't really count streaming originals as TV shows in this context, because there are still few enough of them that I feel like I probably won't miss any? But that's probably not true anymore, so feel free to include streaming shows.)

Are there any other current TV shows I should be aware of?

Flashing back to the time my *thesis advisor* told me that there wasn't enough tension or jealousy in my MC's marriage. Because having a healthy relationship is banned in fiction, apparently.

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Here's my indoor plant corner! Say hello to some of my planty friends :_earth:

It's 2 levels of shelving with pothos and philodendron straggling up and down 3 uprights. There's a full-length balcony window to the left (out of image). The window faces straight west, so here in the Antipodes means loaaads of sun in summer and unfortunately little sun in winter. I already have a grow light in my windowless bathroom, but I may get a smaller one for this setup come winter.

Off the top of my head this photo shows 3 types of pothos, a philodendron, a dracena, 3 types of ficus, what I think is miniature ivy and a blue star fern.

To the right (out of frame) is my fiddle leaf ficus which I may post a photo of later. ☺️

Uh oh, I'm getting urges to play a pokemon game. This could be very bad news for all those books I just checked out from the library 😐

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Their huts are too big to smash with your kick attack, though

If the next post-apocalyptic TV show that gets the green light isn't adapted from Tananarive Due's Nayima stories, I'm gonna be pissed.

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Hoping to find other #madison #madisonian #badger #badgers around here. Downtown Madison Inc's Bike Committee meets on Friday, March 1 at 8am, 102 W. Washington ave, first floor conference room. Show up to push a socialist agenda in the business community with us :)

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I want full on anarchist and solarpunk and afrofuturist and utopian society with the full capacity of my heart.

But I am a colonizer on Turtle Island, and I'm not gonna be a part of instituting any fucking system that doesn't start with indigenous sovereignty, self-determination, and reacquisition of *all land* in the hemisphere. I will take part in no program that doesn't seek equal and consensual association with the peoples whose lands they occupy. I will not put my own interests and desires ahead of decolonization and restorative justice for indigenous peoples and those who were brought here by force and coercion. I will rejoice in no colonizer's revolution.

Sometimes I need to remind myself of this, reaffirm my dedication, because everything around me is designed to make me forget, to make invisible the struggles of the colonized.

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They're basically producing the most straight-forward, uncomplicated renditions of these songs that they love (cover reason #2) and trying to sell them as the culmination of their creative careers, as fresh interpretations of the songs (cover reason #1).

That just comes off as kind of shitty to me. Like, cover the songs because you love them. That's enough, Weezer. You don't have to trick us into thinking you're geniuses for doing it.

So when I see these Weezer covers coming out and being hyped, on the one hand, I understand why they would be covering these songs. I've had these same impulses for a lot of these songs even. There's that creative reverence I mentioned.

But on the other hand, these songs aren't really being approached as a labor of love as much as they are as if this is some herculean creative feat on Weezer's part, which is just... not true.

The second is what normally drives me to learn someone else's song. There's this intense love for a song that builds up inside me and the act of playing that song on my ukulele and singing it alone in my room acts like a release valve, but it also fundamentally changes my connection to and understanding of that song.

Obviously, then, I have a lot of respect for covering a song just for the act of covering it. More people should do it. I'll never complain about a cover not being original enough.

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