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It's warmed up a bit and I am overdressed but that is easily remedied since I will have the car nearby.

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A useful wiki with a lot of #lowtech solutions, like manual washing machine, etc...

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also gloves. maybe fingerless.

Also, I am wearing (or will be outside) several hand-knitted things! Socks, scarf, hat. Knitting is awesome.

I made a huge potato salad last night for a potluck today, and my back hurts from standing around chopping stuff. I was very inefficient, but it turned out pretty good. The potluck will be outdoors and it's cold, so I think we will all be huddled around the grilling area. I'm going to make a thermos of coffee.

Watching Sabrina ep 5 and for dog sweater. Quite relaxing. Ate some overbaked chicken because I forgot about it in the oven. It's not awful.

I have socks on now and load of laundry started, but still dontwanna work; I want to measure my dog for his sweater I am going to attempt to . I am pretty sure this will be a do-over-several-times project, but he is a cat-sized dog at least.

My feet are cold but I dontwanna go upstairs and find socks. Just typing that out is pushing me to just go do it, and while I am up there, start some laundry.

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I think I am going to spend a lot of today reading (currently first book of the Craft Sequence) and trying to stay offline (ha!)

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Off from work again today and Monday. Chilly rain all day here, but I went and did my Civic Duty. Easy parking at my small town courthouse. Also got groceries and did some laundry, and not going out again until the dog needs to. I can't decide between knitting and reading next.

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At work after a 4-day weekend but my brain is not braining. I did almost nothing on my days off. Not beating myself up about that, and I do want to engage my brain with work, but it's hard getting going.

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I have a massage scheduled for later this afternoon and I'm anxious. I know I'll feel better afterwards, but stranger touching me, ahh.

I am taking today and Monday off from work, and next Friday/Monday. I've been really bad at planning PTO (which I'm not accustomed to having; was a contractor for so many years.) I have a ton of life-crap to catch up with, but I just want to sit in the recliner and knit. And possibly make soup.