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Next went to a famous potter's 100th firing fest thing (at least the 100th of this particular kiln). I bought a mug, which I'm happy with. His famously huge pieces are way out of what I can comfortably afford. A friend who lives in that area met me there briefly, but her spouse was not up for it, and I feel a bit sad about that. But I totally get it.
I haven't touched a piece of clay in a while but may fold some paper.

Super-tired, but somewhat dehydration? I went to a local art fair, bought some local art. One thing about having brightly dyed hair is that people interact with me more. And by that I mean women of all ages. I'm so shy that it's nice (and I love my hair color.) I talked to one artist about my favorite origami designer, and another about ADHD (she sort of invited me to a support group?)

and now I'm eating some stale trader joe's mini-brownies and drinking watered-down no-pulp orange juice. One of those things at least has potassium and vitamin c of course (but with my bp meds, I need to consume more potassium.) It's not the best flavor combination so I need to just stop eating brownies.

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Started a new project with yarn I got at SAFF years ago, but the pattern involves counting and paying close attention. Started over once so far with a different needle size, but also b/c my count was off within the first inch. It will be pretty if I don't keep missing yarnovers.

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Domesticated Haunted house:

Bigger on the inside and more rooms when you need them.

Recharges your appliances instead of overloads them.

Writes your reminders for the day on your steamy shower mirror instead of threatening messages,

Organizes instead of misplaces items.


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I got my copy of the Arcane Bullshit tarot/oracle. 105 cards! They are b/w and i may do some coloring on them. I haven't tried reading with them yet; just looking at the deck is weird.

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Bohemian Gothic tarot- four of swords. Oh yes.

I am finally getting to knit a little today? It's been a while.

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Want something heckin' adorable? Here - have a Husky raised by Cats

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“Something to make your day a little brighter: Sit Patrick Stewart. Knitting. In Santa jammies. You’re welcome.”


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