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wow, mastodon is the least-dead of various social media I participate in (maybe b/c I'm not on fb)

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Pulled a card from my Alice deck in a moment of panicky self-doubt, and it's Strength. Fortitude. Keep calm and carry on. I'll try.

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Today I spotted my favorite winter plants, the Snow Beans

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On the positive end, when I got up and took Andy out, the full moon was setting beautifully, Venus was up, Jupiter was also up but couldn't find it in the trees, and the days are getting longer.

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I might actually be on vacation now. There may be a few small things to do for work, but I'm not looking for them. Trying to ease into doing other stuff. The first day of vacation is always kind of 'what do I do now'.

I am having the perfect coffee moment, right temp, sweetness, just the right amount of caffeination. I will be frazzled within an hour, but this moment is good.

I am doing the most high school thing ever, and listening to “The low spark of high heeled boys” in the dark. Not on vinyl with headphones in my parents’ basement, though.

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I went to a journalling meetup that I haven't been to probably since early this year, but two hours went so fast. And now I want more art supplies, which I do not need. Caran D'ache watercolor pastel crayons. They feel so smooth and creamy. I

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