@badrihippo This is great -- thanks for writing it! It's giving me a lot to think about.

You're right about much of how everything works right now. After reading your post, I'm thinking "boosting" as well for creating federated publications. But the trickiest part of all of this is allowing editing, as well.

If edits only need to apply to a single publication, maybe authors could send a post to a publication via AP, editors would edit it, then publish it as a new post (with attribution)

@badrihippo This would allow the author to still submit their post to multiple publications.

Some more ideas:

- Maybe editors could send their modifications back for the author to accept, which would then replace their original post (would authors want that?).
- Publications could also send a notification to the original author when their article is published, so the author's original blog post could show something like "Also published on these publications:"

@write_as you're welcome 🙂 I'm excited to see this platform take off on the Fediverse and hope we can get publications on board too!

@write_as I'm still in two mind about the "publish as a new post" idea.

On one hand, it would give authors more independence and freedom to publish in multiple places.

On the other hand, as a publication I'd like my branding to show on the author's post—by which I mean, when they click the post in the author's profile, I'd like them to be directed to my publication-hosted versions, to be seen as "written in this publication".


@write_as that would help people discover the publication via the author, as well as vice versa

@badrihippo So would you imagine the author's profile being hosted on the publication? Or do you mean when they click the post on the author's blog they're taken to the publication?

@write_as the second option. When they click the post they're redirected to the publication.

At least, that's my initial vague idea but the details could cause problems.

Maybe one option is to allow the user to decide? They could choose to either show their own-hosted version *or* the publication's version.

@write_as there's also the question of whether the "versions" should be the same ActivityPub entity or a different one, and who gets the ownership, and as always the cross-instance editing issue.

Looks like it's time for another blog post 😛

@badrihippo Heh, sounds good 😄

But yeah, I would assume that if people have a post on their own blog -- imagine it was on their own domain, too -- they'd want people to be able to read the post on the blog itself. That's why I thought maybe a mention of where it was syndicated might work. But maybe writers would be okay with sending readers straight to the publication, I'm not sure.

@write_as I have a post in my notebook, so I'll let you know once I've got the chance to type it out 🙂

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