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Hello everyone! I'm a and co-editor at Snipette, an online where we try to explain the world in a style. (We're also looking for , so if you're interested let me know).

I do the too, as a side-effect.

My other interests include and . This is my second* Mastodon account; you can also find me as @badrihippo on Fosstodon.

* (third if you count a brief one that I closed down)

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Hey everyone. With the upgrade, we are now using Mastodon's new "account by approval" feature, meaning anyone can ask for an account, but they have to approved by an admin.


Thanks for the boosts and comments, everyone!

I haven't found a direct reference; the closest I could get to was about tornadoes (people in worse-affected areas feel more optimistic about not getting hit next time).

I wonder where Jared Diamond got his reference from: was there an actual survey, or did he just make it up? 🤔

@douginamug @InvaderXan @solarpunkgnome

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This is due today so please boost if you can. (Maybe @solarpunkgnome has contacts?). Thanks a lot 🙏

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: I'm about psychological denial w.r.t existential threats (as part of a piece on ). Using Jared Diamond's , but wanted a more concrete .

Anyone have a concrete example of "fear of dam burst" going up as we approach the dam then plummeting to zero for the closest people? Maybe a link to a survey, or even just a report about one specific place this was observed?

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"A Christian, a Muslim, and a Buddhist walk into a Mongol debate."
Sounds like a bad joke? Actually, it's Genghis Khan's grandson—and he has valuable lessons for how we could conduct our debates today! by @RyanReudell

I thought had forgotten RSS feeds...but they suddenly started truncating them for Members-Only posts.

And now I had to rewrite @snipette's RSS-to-MailChimp script to match 😕

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My thoughts about getting Medium-style "Publications" on the (on @write_as or otherwise).

I'm not sure how it'll work, but here are some vague ideas. Let me know what you think!

Quick check-in at the Fediverse after a packed, busy week. What's up?

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If a dictatorship is the most efficient government as long as the dictator's good, then 

how about a society where everyone pitches in to bring up their future dictator, making sure he or she turns out the right way to be the perfect ruler?

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"Will you be my girlfriend?"

"That was what you built me for."

"I know but... do you WANT to be my girlfriend?"

"Refer to previous answer. You literally gave me no other choice."

"That won't do," the inventor sighed, busying herself with new lines of code.

"There, now you have millions of choices... Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

The robot tilted her head, "You're unconventionally cute but lets date a little first."


#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #SciFi #LGBT

Just finished a semi- piece about a mound from different perspectives.

Who owns the mound: the queen, the workers, the colony as a whole? Or is it something entirely different?

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everyone: computers are the future they can do anything

me: computers are my idiot baby children and they cannot be trusted

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Last Boost Toot: £50! Come on guys, pass this on to 50 of your friends and tell them to all throw in a pound. We can do this!

For a great kickstarter for an amazing writer.

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the Mastodon Community Survival Fund is officially depleted, and if you'd like to add to it to help our fediverse neighbors in need, our Liberapay is here:

We are looking into other ways to accept donations too.

If you're in need right now, we can at least keep boosting your requests for assistance. Send us a DM if we don't see you first. ❤️

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