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Hey people I'd like to introduce myself... I am a craftsy person currently living in Berlin/Germany. I like to but generally love a lot of things ONE does with its hands. A lot of it is connected to my passion: reenecting western slavic life in the Time 1200a.c. this gives my great Joy and a lot opportunities to discover new stuff and handycrafts. From time to time I host the podcast:wollkotze I am looking forward to Meet New peeps

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Yes, i started a pair of socks.
with honeycomb cables pattern(?).
I follow/orientate on a free pattern Asali Socks by Dawn Henderson.
but after 2 pattern repeats i already regretted all the 1by1 cabeling, so i use twisted stitches instead. That doesn't look so neat/different, but is much faster and more enjoyable.

food vegan 

I am a food blogger now, made vegan pho and it is oh so good

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“Mostly it is loss which teaches us about the worth of things"

-- Arthur Schopenhauer

struggeling with 2029 

In 2020 life turned meta in total for me.... I am barely making it through daily life. I struggle to be in contact with people on a virtual basis. This new life scares me.

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Small press thread, long. 

Now, Wendig doesn't touch on the reasons to avoid the big publishers.

There are some, definitely.

They have predatory contracts too, sometimes, and more lawyers on retainer to make the contract stick.

They may not be able to give you as much personal attention as a small publisher.

You may see a small publisher as a middle ground between self pub and trad pub -- you get more control without needing to do EVERYTHING yourself.

But still.

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Bike consum 

Ich habe ein Fahrrad, ich freu mich.... Ich hab auch ne fahrrad Versicherung weil ich paranoid bin

Die Mutter vom anderen elter sagt zu mir: du wolltest das Kind du musst es auch betreuen. (Kita macht 2 Tage zu und ich habe den anderen elter zur Beteiligung aufgerufen) ich will gerne laut und beherzt fick dich rufen... Tu ich aber nicht....

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PSA: If you live where abortion's illegal or inaccessible? this organization will mail you abortion pills internationally and walk you through the process of usage for a donation amount of your choice, no minimum required.

Hospital, swearing 

Wow my rime in hositalgot extended... I got infected with a multiple drug recistant germ... So i am on Penicillin now... To Bad that it causes allergic reactions in my body.... Nothing could express how much I hate the World right now...


Doctor came by and said THAT the mrt is not showing any signs of a Tumor... I am so reliefed.... Another rund of cacer... Fear.. Operation... Treatment chemo.... Fehlt so treatening to me.

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A friendly reminder that people who use drugs still deserve your respect

I am so so bored... I am tempted to Wander to the basement to buy some headphones... But the nurse is a real Keeper....

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hi this is Costasiella kuroshimae theyre fuckin adorable sea slugs

Ich glaube die ham mich aus Versehen in die erste Klasse... Es gibt Handtücher und hotelshampoo


Bin mit dem Verdacht blinddarm ins Krankenhaus eingewiesen worden... War es nicht ich hab nierenbeckenentzundung, durch Nen nierenstau... Niere arbeitet nicht mehr richtig... Zu dumm das ich nur noch 1 Niere hab

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