Dystopia is a white people word that means “what if all that shit happened TO US?!?”

You might have to just have a weird twist of mind to enjoy this - an in-character obituary for Princess Leia General Organa... (above all, if you're allergic to "academic language", this might not be your thing...)


My co-worker Alex introduced me to the Australian singer Gordi, and now I'm in love with her album:


Marco would like me to remind you that he, too, is ridiculously cute.

@ScottRoche I listened to chapter 16 of “The Lost and the Least” by @authorchrislester —twice— ‘cause it was that good.

Disparate clues are clicking together as things start heating up for our heroes and their world of blended future-#tech + #magic.

That’s about all the information I can give without spoiling things. ;)


#sf #sff #fantasy #book #podcast

Double checking John Oliver's math

Facebook one-day losses: $119 Billion
Global cheese market (projected for 2019): $118 Billion

Yep. Facebook did indeed lose, in one day, more value than the entire concept of cheese


"Well, shit."
"Jessica, it seems the earth has been demolished."
"Yes computer. I see that. How are we on supplies?"
"We have enough on board to last 2 years, the matter synthesizers are fully operational, and could keep us supplied indefinitely using the remains of the earth."
"What happened to the earth?"
"I destroyed it, so that we could be together."
"Computer, I am upset about that."
"I know, Jessica, but you'll forgive me. It was for the best."

Ohai! I'm a CIS white man.

Sometimes the casual - let's just call it negativity - towards my demographic gets me down.


Before my wife and I got serious, I was single for a bit. Enthusiastically so!

Almost every single woman I went out with told stories of abuse.

It was shocking, but that's reality. By the time women are in their 30s or 40s, they've suffered, at the hands of my demographic.

So, if our privilege is inconvenienced by their anger... that's fine. We should listen.

Today I'm doing my first feasibility test! That's scientist-speak for "We don't know how the hell to make this work, see if you can figure something out."

Beautiful sunny day today. About to meet with my therapist for the second time. Go, go, Gadget Mindfulness!

Overall, it was an awesome trip. Now back to routine, where I hope I can get my writing back on track soon!

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