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Ohai! I'm a CIS white man.

Sometimes the casual - let's just call it negativity - towards my demographic gets me down.


Before my wife and I got serious, I was single for a bit. Enthusiastically so!

Almost every single woman I went out with told stories of abuse.

It was shocking, but that's reality. By the time women are in their 30s or 40s, they've suffered, at the hands of my demographic.

So, if our privilege is inconvenienced by their anger... that's fine. We should listen.

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Reasons why I howled with laughter in the shop today

Today I'm doing my first feasibility test! That's scientist-speak for "We don't know how the hell to make this work, see if you can figure something out."

Beautiful sunny day today. About to meet with my therapist for the second time. Go, go, Gadget Mindfulness!

Overall, it was an awesome trip. Now back to routine, where I hope I can get my writing back on track soon!

More of Witch's Gulch, as seen from the aforementioned concession stand.

We also did the 2-hour boat tour of the upper Wisconsin Dells. It includes this land excursion into Witch's Gulch, a narrow water-carved sandstone canyon (with a concession stand on the far end).

This is where we did our Saturday night splurge dinner during the honeymoon. Awesome food and cocktails, plus we got a tour of the distillery beforehand. (Baraboo, WI)

Mel took her pro gear up the bluff with us, so she got this awesome picture of me next to Balanced Rock. (Devil's Lake State Park, WI)

Back from honeymoon! Mel and I had an amazing time in Baraboo and the surrounding area. Here's me, halfway up the East Bluff at Devil's Lake State Park: hell of a climb, but worth it.

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Remember: Cinco de Mayo is not "Mexican Independence Day" (that's September 16).

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the victory of the Mexican army on May 5, 1862 over the larger, better-equipped French Army at the Battle of Puebla.

And the US has reason to celebrate it: scholars believe that if the French hadn't been thwarted at Puebla, they would have turned northward to help the Confederacy in the US Civil War, potentially changing that war's outcome.

Our wedding yesterday was everything we hoped it would be. Huge thanks to everyone who made it possible! Photo by AJ Photo Company LLC

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"I don't feel like setting things on fire today. Feel more like hacking with a broadsword."


"I was thinking warrior. No justice, no light, just smash."

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Your father, who was a sailor, has recently died and gave you an ocean coordinate for you to scatter his ashes there. Upon your arrival, all GPS systems fail, the clouds hide the stars, your compass is going nuts and inside your father's urn, there's just a map with a destination.
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Feeling especially grateful for my partner Melanie today. We are both very imperfect people, but we are working together to grow and move forward--forgiving each other for our screw-ups, while also nudging each other to get better, to be kinder, to be more whole and healed.

We get married on the 28th, and I'm very lucky to have her in my life.

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the real Schrödinger's cat is not knowing if yr cat is going to be soft or pointy until you pet it

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So I swear I just watched two commercials at once on a YouTube video. One was for the next Avengers movie, and the other was a Geico commercial in which the gecko parodies the Avengers trailer.

Capitalism is weird, y'all.

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Got my tax return! For those seeking a tax preparer who is familiar with adult entertainment, I recommend filing with Worth the investment.

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Mastodon is NOT a panacea!

Toxic behavior DOES exit within the Federverse.


Because each instance is it's own 'dumpster'... fires tend to be contained and are vastly more manageable.

We also have a LOT OF GOOD ADMINS who work to ensure any dumpster fires are contained.

If you find your instance is a bit of a dumpster fire head over to and nose around. The are a *LOT* of well moderated instances across a range of topics.


#introductions #deletefacebook

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