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Friday's things done: All three errands I had listed for today,plus the one for tomorrow! Lurve having oomph.

And back. Two of three errands done, but I need a food. May or may not do the third this afternoon; will depend on my oomph levels.

Oh right. I was gonna run errands this morning. Bye!

Just got a survey from the bank asking for my opinion on their cash paying in machine thing, whatever they're called. Here's my tip: if you ever get a survey like this, always make out the self-serve machine is a bit shit and the staff are infinitely wonderful, even if it's not strictly always true. Keep service people in jobs plz

Am wanting to change up my haircut a little, and vaguely remembered that years ago I'd seen an account on flickr that had really fun stuff. Didn't think I'd find it again, but voila! Hairport Lisbon: (great short hair, coloring, and asymmetrical inspiration)

Stepped outside to snag the mail, just in time to see a red tailed hawk landing on the top of the cedar in the front yard.

Making a consistent effort to be kind is one of the most radical things you can do on a daily basis.

Thursday's things done: trash and recycling emptied from house and to the curb, and vacuumed all the things. Ok, just the carpeted rooms. But it felt like more.

The dawn chorus isn't up to full strength yet, but as its members trickle into town it gains depth and breadth each morning. Soon, all the gaps will fill in and we'll be back to the cacophony of bird life.

Wednesday's things done: counseling, dropped off donations, and pharmacy.

Memo to folks in helpful professions. Sometimes it’s good to remind yourself “you are not the asshole whisperer.”

You can’t actually fix people. You can just do your best.

Bradford pear trees are terrible trees for this area, and yet they're planted all over the place. At least they make for excellent "hey look, spring!" photos. (from Oklahoma)

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