Also, since I did a manual re-following in order to weed out defunct accounts, it's entirely possible I missed you. This was not intentional! Please do ping me re: the oversight.

Reminder to all y'all fine people that I've moved to @auntiekiki

If I follow you from this account and you're ok with me continuing to do so, please check your follow requests!

This account will likely self-destruct after a while, just fyi.

Ok, officially giving up on being on a standard Masto instance. Just cannot with the repeated examples of "features" being put into place that can actively harm people. So. I'm moving to, which is on Glitch, and am putting my money where my mouth is by supporting the good work that @Are0h is doing.

So, you can find me at @auntiekiki from here out.

The tragedy isn't that America has problems.

The tragedy is that we know how to fix them and we just don't. We prefer to let people suffer so a handful of white men can stay obscenely rich.

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@edebill It's only a smidge above freezing here in OKC--the lovely sunny morning is totally misleading.

@drango We have mimosa trees here in the southern United Stats, but they have pink blooms. Have never seen purple--very pretty!

A smidge worried about the season ticket holds who usually sit next to me. Older couple. Really hope they're ok. (Also trying to not be weirded out by other people in their seats.)

@brightneedle Did some stuff around the house. Read a bit. Now at the Philharmonic's last pops concert of the season. Music from ET!

I know I don't understand fashion. And then I see pants with slits up the back of each leg and I know that I never will.

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Really, my life is so much better when I can just get out of my own dang head.

@pamela That's _very_ common in the field at large. So much so that it's rare to find folks for whom it's their first.

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