from central Oklahoma. The grape hyacinth are from my front yard. The fancy daffodil is from campus.

From a journal's website:


Volume 29

Issue 1, December 1997, pp. 7-61
Issue 3, September 1997, pp. 134-200
Issue 2, March 1997, pp. 70-119

(I didn't find this, so don't know what journal it is.)

Bradford pear trees are terrible trees for this area, and yet they're planted all over the place. At least they make for excellent "hey look, spring!" photos. (from Oklahoma)

Ok, I caved and finished the project. Here's the damage. Seven carts. Guessing just shy of 2000 books. Will get the final total after the cataloging students get them scanned.

Back from my trip and glad to have one more day off work to re-acclimate to the real world. My heart's still out over the Gulf of Mexico somewhere. Maybe it'll catch up to my body tomorrow.

alc mention/pic (re: what's wrong with capitalistm) 

Work griping (data decisions edition) 

If you're currently dealing with the polar vortex, you might want to skip this one. 

Progress of the front in the last hour-ish. That little circle of freezing cracks me up.

Gonna be a weather-watching kind of day (between webinars and meetings, at least).

Do not bind your serials collection with staples and electrical tape. Please. Do not. Ever.

OMG. Y'all. We're withdrawing this from the collection and I got premission to keep it!!!

Oh, and this little Raspberry Pi stack. Gotta appreciate neat cabeling even on a small project. Also, the fan kinda cracked me up.

The supercomputer is good to go, though (it's in the server rack to the back right). Plenty of battery backup for power outages, too (left).

The inside of our new STEM building. Classroom, lab, lounge, and hallway spaces (clockwise from top right). Great light throughout, and lots of clean lines--which of course will disappear as soon as the place is really in use. Some faculty have moved into their offices, but otherwise most of the lab spaces are still being set up.

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