Progress of the front in the last hour-ish. That little circle of freezing cracks me up.

@savagegoose I'm far enough south to be out of the worst of it, but yeah.

@auntiekiki I'm jealous. I'm in northern Indiana. It was subzero yesterday, it's raining slightly today and above freezing and will be warmer and raining tomorrow, before getting back in single digits.
There's too much weather bouncing for me this week.

@savagegoose Oh yikes. That's a lot of gross! Yo-yo weather is my least favourite kind, other than the fun of watching the battling fronts via colored maps.

Also, I was thisclose to taking a job in South Bend many years ago. Really liked what I saw of northern Indiana.

@auntiekiki I've sort of ended up here after a pretty travel full life. It's pretty decent. I'm in Fort Wayne, the second largest city in Indiana 😂 but it's got a lot to offer.

I miss the South West, and the endless skies. But the trade off is being able to swim in Lake Huron every year, and something about that frigid water feels like home.

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