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I haven't re-introduced myself here since about 2018, so here is a slight refresh:

I work in , with a passion for , and am head coach of a FIRST competition team

I enjoy everything from and and to playing , and to and , and more

I am always

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It's happening! I'm fundraising for Thyme travelers: An Anthology of Palestinian Speculative Fiction. Get your name into the acknowledgements by donating before November 8th!

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Hi folks!

If everyone in the whole world [whose gender isn't adequately expressed or defined by the gender binary of M/F] could please take part in these test questions, it will really help a lot in the design of the 2023 Gender Census...

Thank you!

content notes: food (homemade), dairy, flowers, walk, off work 

Taking this full week off work

Took a leisurely walk this morning. It has been raining a lot, so the neighbors' roses are still covered with water droplets

After my walk, I made black bean puree, and ate it with thick plain yogurt (that I made last week) and some delicious tomatoes from a friend's garden 💗

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Calling all librarians! Some folks at Macmillan Publishers are looking to put together a panel of librarians to talk to to their LGBTQ+ affinity group about the recent banning of LGBTQ+ books.

Sheep's wool, spinning, improvement? 

Finally got back to practicing on my Ashford Traveller spinning wheel today! I have only really had 3 practice sessions 😅 I would like to practice more

I am excited that, while I still have a long way to go, I can see improvement over time

I think I did a better job of pre-drafting and generally dividing up the wool roving prior to spinning, which made the spinning (and drafting while spinning) a lot more manageable


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Back in the 90s "what if your car had all the problems your computer has" was a common USENET joke and now we're living it

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It's a new month, and therefore time for: self-promotion!
I write things! You can buy my sweetweird detective fantasy, THE IMAGINARY CORPSE, or a variety of short fiction using the links on my website!

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What are some videogame concepts that you really enjoyed and are bummed that they haven't been explored further?

FFXIV, music (vinyl), visual spoilers through Shadowbringers 

Here are the front covers of the record sleeves for each expansion (A Realm Reborn through Shadowbringers)

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FFXIV, music (vinyl), visual spoilers through Shadowbringers 

Ordered this Final Fantasy XIV vinyl lp box in December, and it arrived today! Gorgeous, gorgeous art

Photos of the box in this toot; photos of the album art in the next toot

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Wanna support an unemployed disabled queer with their unending wheelchair maintenance and medicine costs?$TeaMug
Venmo: TeaMug

The state provides me $200 a month - but prescriptions, OTCs, grocery delivery fees, bills, and copays use that up, and it's never enough.
My partners can only cover so much of my remaining costs, and we're saving to move to accessible housing, which tightens margins further.

Current needs in replies.

Content notes: higher education, HBCUs, Black history, Black futures, animation, scholarship 

The Armstrong Project (partnership between Peanuts Worldwide & Native Tongue Communications)
- supports Black college students majoring in animation, arts, communication or entertainment
- will choose 1 student at Hampton and Howard University to receive a $10,000 scholarship (+mentoring and intern opportunities)

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USA, testosterone recall info 

if you're taking testosterone cypionate injections, check if you have any vials from lot HAC3427A.

pharmacies ought to be reaching out directly if they dispensed anything from this lot, but, y' know, they might miss some.

recall details here:

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gift, crochet, wool, hidden face for privacy 

Gave the gift that I previously showed a bit ambiguously! It is a hooded shawl with some tie-strings

Ideally, I want to get to the point where I can make some cool, hooded capelets, but I went with a shawl for now

Pattern link: - I added several rows, as well as the i-cord string ties

I used Wool of the Andes bulky weight in Aurora Heather and Dove Heather from Knit Picks / WeCrochet


content notes: conference presentations, tech talent pool, remote presenting 

The recording of my session will be available from Code on the Beach, and I am including a read-only version of my Google slide deck here for people to view — please reach out to me with questions and / or to let me know if anything is awry with the linked presentation

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content notes: conference presentations, tech talent pool, remote presenting 

I have been on social media less lately, but figured I would pop on since I just did a conference talk

Thanks so much for everyone who came to my virtual talk this morning on Training Future Technologists: Building Pathways for the Future through FIRST Robotics!

I loved getting a chance to talk about something I'm passionate about, and also getting to see some folks I haven't seen for quite awhile

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Feature request: unmentioning

Twitter has introduced a feature that lets you remove yourself from a conversation, which goes further than just muting notifications:

If you like the idea of having that feature on Mastodon, click through to the Github issue linked above and add your 👍. You can also subscribe to the issue to be notified if/when it happens.

[ #MastoMeta #meta #mastodon ]

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July self-promo!
I write things! You can buy my sweetweird detective fantasy, THE IMAGINARY CORPSE, or a variety of short fiction using the links on my website!

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North Carolina, free rapid covid test kits 

Information on free rapid covid self tests in North Carolina. It looks like it’s mostly for picking up, but there’s also links to some other options, including a by-mail PCR test that you send to the lab for analysis.

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A Native mother is needing urgent help!

The mother fled the person who abused her and today her vehicle was vandalized. She needs help w repairs as the windows and mirrors were destroyed. The goal is $1500.

vnmo: tiajim
CA: $Talliajim
payp*l: Tallia Wachsmuth

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