Hey, I have a blind friend who might want to join us on the Fediverse. Does anyone have a guide to accessibility etc that might be more useful than me just sending her a link to an instance?

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OK, I have a few suggestions now, thanks very much for all the boosts and replies.


@artsyhonker I know from @balouqlc that #Pinafore has a better accessibility than the normal webclient so she should check that out.Accessibility seems to be quite good there.But as far as I know it's a bit problematic in the mobile apps.

@nipos @artsyhonker Here I am! ;-) Well, I will be more than happy to help Your friend arround here during the first stepps.First of all: One can work with the normal interface but personally I prefer to work with #pinafore.

@nipos @artsyhonker In case, this person uses an iphone, unfortunately amaroq is the only app that works somehow for us, who use a screenreader. I got no idea, what to use with #android.

@balouqlc @nipos Thank you! She uses both Android and iPhone, but Android more often. I think will probably be useful.

@artsyhonker @nipos I forwarded the androidissue to my forum of blind mastodon- and twitterusers. I hope, someone will have an idea which app is best to use with talkback.

@artsyhonker @nipos As I said, she is always wellcome to ask for help. I'm absolutely no nerd, but I think most of the stuff mastodon is concerned should be fine for her to handle.

@artsyhonker @nipos I just got the information from a blinde #android user, that #tusky is accessible for screenreader users. So If Your friend prefers to use android, it shouldn't be a problem.

@JoergSorge No, it's a forum for blind Twitter- and mastodon users on #Threema. I don't feel comfortable with #blindzeln, because they seem to be quite commercial.

@artsyhonker I don't have a guide but I'm guessing brutaldon is probably easier on screen readers. It's usably from lynx iirc.

@artsyhonker I can say this: one of the power-users of the software my employer makes is blind. The best thing for accessibility has been them telling us when we've fucked it up.

@ben Yep. But I'm not a developer, and as a sighted person who doesn't even use a screenreader, I cannot easily tell my blind friend what software etc will work best for her to use Mastodon.

@artsyhonker I would recommend using the web UI as browsers generally work pretty well with accessibility software by default. You can install it as an app on most browsers.

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#brutaldon is a very simple web client that works well in lynx, and thus probably screen readers, but as a sighted person I can't say for sure.

@artsyhonker I know the answer is "yes," I have seen a guide about how to set up Mastodon's UI for better screenreader use, but I do not have the guide myself. :\

@artsyhonker @changeling has a guide to Mastodon for screen reader users on their website!

@artsyhonker @swedishfish Yes. Chapter Six isn't up yet, and so things like smartphone apps and services like Pinafore aren't documented, but there's plenty there to get your friend started.

@artsyhonker blind user here. There are at least several voiceover/talkback accessible clients to use, depending on her platform, plus fairly comprehensive list of instances to choose from. That’s what I did to get started, just googled popular mastodon instances. Feel free to touch base if you have questions.

@Leannefaith Thank you! I have had a few specific suggestions, so will start with those.

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