I dreamed we had four feral piglets living in the cellar. They couldn't use the ladder, so we had to construct an elaborate ramp structure so they could get outside. This was successful.

I have no idea how they got there.

We don't have a cellar.

Dreams are weird.

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@artsyhonker Oh, but so fun!

I mean, what in your life might *resemble* a cellar? Or, what do cellars mean to you, and what does it mean after your dream-cellar seems to have acquired four feral pigs? And, how wonderful your dream-self chose to liberate those wild pigs - what in your waking life might you also be trying to free?

(As I once read from a lovely thoughtful woman, when one gets to analyze dreams, you'll never again be bored while waiting for stuff...)

@OldBrushNewPaper I think it's nothing as fanciful as all that.

I've lived in a lot of houses, and lots of them had cellars with mice or similar, and there is a visiting cat here who we have to ensure is out before leaving the house as we have no flap for him.

@artsyhonker *nod*

That's just it, though - at least as I understand it, dreams are our minds kind of repeating what we've experienced, in order to process it. Sometimes the processing has to be compact, hence "creative" rearrangement. The cellar and animals are no longer "literal" in their meaning, but can usefully function as metaphor. (Interesting about the waking situation involving a cat, while you dreamed 4 piglets, for instance.)

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