In case you missed it elsewhere, my stepdad died on Sunday morning.

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All those delivery drivers etc who have been working so hard during the pandemic are going to be out of luck if we have a no-deal brexshit and importing things is suddenly super expensive.

The scale of economic woe here is really hard to imagine. I think that's probably why a lot of people aren't facing it.

And January/February are often very bad months financially anyway.

21st March (that's today) is World Planting Day.

After you plant your world be sure to water it in thoroughly, protect it from hungry garden pests like slugs and snails, and ensure it has appropriate support, especially if you have a windy site.

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So. I haven't had a tetanus booster shot for... literally decades. Not even sure I completed standard childhood course.

My allotment turns out to be made mostly of rusting sheet metal and hidden broken glass. I'm wearing gloves and good boots there, but there's still a good chance of a serious puncture wound.

It's also one of the hobbies I can actually *do* while doing social distancing.

My GP receptionist all but laughed at me when I asked about getting a tetanus jab.

But tetanus is seriously bad, and I neither want to need ICU treatment nor be additional ICU load in the next few months. I feel like getting a booster would be the responsible course of action here.

Private jab will be £52 (OK fine) and I'll have to take public transport to get there (not fine). My spouse is high-risk for COVID-19 complications.

Do I do it?

Compline livestream (religion, covid-19) 

I'll be livestreaming Compline again tonight at 8pm GMT. I think I've fixed the problem that made last time so buffery. for the video, for more details.

Please join me if you want to. We may not be able to gather, but we can still pray together.

(It's a Christian service, but you don't have to be Christian to join in.)

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Closing public places makes it harder than ever for houseless people to wash their hands as often as needed. So let's buy some handwashing stations for the encampments that have been overlooked by official public health efforts.

If it helps your trust: I know one of the people involved in this fundraiser and just threw $20 at it myself.

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So, my church has suspended all services and activities -- except the Soup Kitchen, which is now being operated on a take-away basis to reduce risks. And we are working to make sure the local food bank can continue to operate.


More info:

Thank you!

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OK I know the Tube of You is not stylish here, but it is what I could get set up super fast.

I couldn't get to church today because of self-isolation. Maybe you could, maybe you couldn't. But if you'd like a little more peace and calm in your evening, join me at 8pm GMT tonight for sung #compline:

@dredmorbius Incidentally I think you might be interested in zettelkasten stuff, and possibly the note-networking thing that is

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My denomination (the Church of England) has produced a Lent campaign called "#LiveLent: Care for God's Creation" which has readings, reflections and actions for each weekday and weekend in Lent.

Is anyone else here on the Fediverse doing this?

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How does one go about having a pen name and getting paid for writing one does under it?

I want to write a cookbook, I don't want too much confusion between that and my identity as a composer. I don't mind people knowing I do both but I want people who search for me as a composer not to get clogged up with recipe stuff.

Thanks in advance. (I'm happy for you to point me at a useful how-to, esp. if UK-relevant, but experienced advice is even better.)

Anyone looking for a job writing video games in Vancouver? Relocation costs apparently can be covered. Full time, above market.

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Is anyone here using for note-taking and knowledge management/idea development/etc?

(I mean )

I'm a little wary because they seem to be at least somewhat associated with the rationalist crowd, which I associate with libertarians, who I tend not to like.

But it seems like a useful tool. Paper implementations of similar ideas are nifty but harder to administer, which is a problem for my brain.

I am such a that I didn't even realize you could _tap_ someones icon to get to their domain's version of their profile. I've just been all like "Why does it say 5 toots when there are none? How come it says 50 followers but I can't see them?"

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If I were to write a cookbook with high protein meals in and no "weird" ingredients like whey powder and so on, would you be interested? And what sections would you be interested in?

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Anyway this kind of stuff happens pretty regularly and it doesn't usually get me down. I think I'm just unusually tired and stressed and a bit hungry.

But it still *shouldn't* happen, to me or to anyone else who has the temerity to walk around without conforming to rigid gender roles.

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And even if I were ugly -- even if my lack of makeup and my tired eyes and my uneven skin and my neckbeard shadow made me "ugly" by some weird standard -- there's nothing wrong with not being conventionally attractive.

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And I honestly don't care that much what gender people take me for at first glance, it doesn't bother me when I get called "sir" or what have you.

I just wish kids weren't so mean.

I'm unusual -- and not even *that* strange -- and I may not look my best right now, but I'm not ugly or any of the other things they called me, except fat.

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