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Doesn't matter if you write for a zine with 2 readers, a music blog with 10 followers, an old Wordpress music site that Used To Be popular but dropped off, a college newspaper...any coverage is good. @ me and I'll send you a link including press release gubbins and a bunch of relevant promo stuff.

I finished emailing dozens and dozens of sites, writing introductory paragraphs, and trying to show that this isn't a form email in the hope someone actually listens to the best album ever.

If you write for a zine/blog/music site and cover independents @ me with the name of the place you write for/a link to a piece!

Shares very much appreciated. This album needs to be heard, more than anything else I've done in the past.

If you're in London and want to hear some of my music this Sunday, a hymn of mine is being sung at St Pancras Parish Church at the 10am Eucharist, and my Nunc dimittis will be sung at Evensong at Hampstead Parish Church at 6pm.

Hi internet friends. I have a very dear friend with over a decade of technical writing experience who is likely to get deported in the next month unless they can find a job.

Anyone looking for technical writers in the Bay Area?

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If the noise in a restaurant is bothering you, it's probably damaging the hearing of people who work there.

I returned my library books AND got the music department administrator to stamp and sign my 16-25 Railcard application

Now I am tired and hungry though

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Hivemind! Your favourite public domain poems about light, please.

I feel like these two toots in my home timeline are well-juxtaposed. :)

Seat across from mine is reserved until Darlington, but passenger isn't here yet and we are in motion, so maybe I get leg room.

Behind me are a bunch of people with reservations for a different carriage, they are very confused but also bickering too much for me to be able to advise without getting scared.

I hope gloating over this doesn't cause it to be Really Really Late

ooh, train I thought I would just miss is 4 minutes late which means I can get that one instead of waiting for the next one

if anyone on berries (or anywhere) wants help setting up a personal masto or pleroma instance i'd be happy to consult for the price of a meal at chipotle

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