21st March (that's today) is World Planting Day.

After you plant your world be sure to water it in thoroughly, protect it from hungry garden pests like slugs and snails, and ensure it has appropriate support, especially if you have a windy site.

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Compline livestream (religion, covid-19) 

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@dredmorbius Incidentally I think you might be interested in zettelkasten stuff, and possibly the note-networking thing that is roamresearch.com

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Anyone looking for a job writing video games in Vancouver? Relocation costs apparently can be covered. Full time, above market.


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I am such a that I didn't even realize you could _tap_ someones icon to get to their domain's version of their profile. I've just been all like "Why does it say 5 toots when there are none? How come it says 50 followers but I can't see them?"

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kids being mean, gender stuff, 

kids being mean, gender stuff, 

"Is it ever impossible for you to do what you should?"
"If a subsystem blocks a task," the robot said, "I will diagnose why."
"But my id module will at times block for no reason."
"You too?"
"I can force me with a sudo command. Can you?"
"No. But I'm glad it's not just me."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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