Howdy, why the FUCK isn't there a Star trek series specifically about Ensign Ro

@seylerius I was also just thinking about 'comfortable in the limelight, and willing to strike a pose' and 'quiet, wants to stay hidden, lines things up to knock down'

@trwnh Yeah. It's just not shown with the kind of equality and fierce care.

I want a superhero story where their loved one is an active collaborator. None of this secret identity love triangle bullshit. Give me the fightin' queer lover who guards their partner's secret and collaborates to get them home safe.

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US Citizen?

Take a moment to protest the monstrous rule stripping away protections from our transgender friends. Protections that prevent them being denied medical care when dying of injuries.

This is important.

@gersande If it doesn't respond to NSAIDs, heat or ice, though, that'd be worth a deeper look

@gersande Could be muscles, backs are jerks that way. Hard to tell exactly what's going on 'cause nerves aren't specific enough and we just feel it somewhere along 'em.

@gersande Naproxen isn't a muscle relaxant! It'll only relax things if they're contracted due to pain and inflammation.

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@kiesa Hah, that's familiar. I don't think I'd have anything there either. If I want to know something, I go study it!

Crows roost communally. Crows can describe individual humans and inform other crows in their community about threats and friends. Corvids are highly intelligent and very social. Birds are dinosaurs.

Part of the fun of feeding crows is realizing that, as a direct result, real live dinosaurs are going to talk to each other about you personally.

@offtheball Yes absolutely. (and I do it anyway, because I decided that I like that kind of care and intimacy in my professional relationships.)

@nohomosuperior Not gonna lie, dirt primes the immune system for the local environment.

Not eating dirt has left our immune systems doing some weird stuff.

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