liberals be like wow its really cool how i have created this completely value neutral communication platform where people are free to say whatever they want and none of their interaction choices are constrained or encouraged by any of our inherent design mechanisms in any way, i love making tons of money and not being seen as responsible for the culture i foster in any way, thats just human nature babey!

@iarna I'm willing to look at semantics for that. See if they're used differently

@iarna Right?!

And also false negatives. we name people after all kinds of things, places and objects both.

@iarna Yeah, though that has lots of false positives. The problem is interestingly hard!

@PeteBleackley Compiling a dramatis personae first, but also starting to build the connections between characters, so both!

Does anyone know of any research on extracting character names from books?

The NLP algorithms I've found so far only work well for primed list of names (mostly Christian) and mostly for organic references such as in news articles, and fail completely on narrative fiction.

@SouthernGothHick Right!? I mean, we have those too. But sometimes loitering where people go is the thing we want.

@SouthernGothHick Hah. And Japan and China and ...

It might be a symptom of 'culture where survival isn't at stake every minute, and grocery stores exist'

@SouthernGothHick Some of the first people I ran into in Hungary were bored teens in a grocery store.

There's nothing wrong with the vanity of wanting people to see your art.

It's normal and natural.

I've never liked the idea that you should be so "pure" that you'd keep doing art even if nobody was around. Of course you wouldn't.

Art is meant to be shared.

You know you're a writing process nerd when your employer sends you for MBTI training and your first thought is "This is like the Dramatica system, only for offices"

Organizing, "problematic" people, trauma Show more

*looks around*

*deep breath*


W O N ' T



*walks away while putting on sunglasses*

@mrszee Yup.

And to be honest, real high quality opportunities to fail and then learn are in increasingly short supply.

@mrszee I think about this so much, for me, my friends, and now watching the next generation grow up.

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