Dear past imperfect mood, will you kindly HAVE BEEN FUCKING OFF ALREADY. I am trying to write pithy prose here.

@WanderingBeekeeper Fascinating how much it forces (or assumes) 3rd person limited PoV.

@WanderingBeekeeper Oooh, fun one!

I'm struggling with this but it's nice to see someone else actually talking about PoV on here!

@1stvamp Yup. The only ones I pay any attention to are the gendercrit women who are || that far from figuring out that yes, femininity is restrictive and they can opt out if they want and they'd have a huge community if they did give up the haterade.

@WanderingBeekeeper Do you ever run into the case where the right person for the PoV is absent from the scene, but it's their view that would show the scene best?

The anthropological study of writers giving writing advice and the communities they form would be _fascinating_

Don't get me wrong, I love a good flavorful protagonist and PoV character, but it's really hard to build relationships where you root for everyone involved that way. You can flip flop for a duo, especially if there's antagonism, but once you get a few more people involved it's damn hard.

Writing third person omniscient is so hard, but I can't figure out another way to make a fantasy story with an ensemble of characters who are rarely apart work right. I see why so many authors use third limited, but have a bland character to make the PoV, so you can get the world and other excellent characters in focus rather than the PoV character sometimes. Not gonna lie, I'm struggling hard here. If anyone has tips I'm all ears.

@cidney VOX DAY. That one is a straight up red flag, actually.

@cidney Endless space war novels. Anything on the Sad Puppies slate.

@cidney If they're really into L Ron Hubbard and Heinlein that's a sign. It's not any one author that ever tips me but when it's all stuff by That One Kind Of Dude...

Everyone tries to manage extracurriculars, 'cause you "have to" to make it. And then you have the kids who feel like failures because they can't keep up. And then you have the few kids who seem to make it easily, have all the support they need, and don't care enough about how hard it is for everyone else. Self-centered in the way their blind privilege of a sort works.

You don't have the jocks and nerds exactly, not that that has been anything but a trope, but now you have kids driven to excel at all costs, anxious and stressed. "I want to do well on this test" or "I care about learning" is not the nerd outsider anymore. It's the mainstream.

Teachers aren't _boring_, they're _frustrating or controlling or overwhelmed_.

It's funny how hard it is for me to write school kid characters. I grew up unschooled, _and_ my primary exposure to school culture was in the 80s— or media derived from then.

Turns out "school is boring, let's cut class" is not a thing now, not recognizably, and it can't drive all the tropes of 1980s high school situations anymore. So much hangs on that schema.

@Nezchan I've always loved this piece! Fun to see it live!

But wow that is a bunch of long haired white dudes with narrow noses!

@therisingtithes All the things that need the album to make sense. Any of the tracks from Mike Oldfield on Tubular Bells or its sequels. Most Mannheim Steamroller stuff. Opeth and Meshuggah would never go with everything else I listen to and yet...

@spacekookie "don't, download the dataset insteat" is I think the correct answer. But that means using some kinda wild tooling and big files.

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