One of my writing mentors and all around great guy M. Todd Gallowglas is going to be talking about his time in MFA programs tomorrow night on Twitch (7 PT / 10 ET)

Should be a great conversation


@abetterjulie UGH. All hours here. There's no need for them to be this loud! It shakes the house. Through closed windows. With the AC running.

@AgathaSorceress I want this so much. I have a big library and I am so tired of the only viable view of it being the artist view that starts off "10,000 maniacs" "1913 fruitgum company" ... I want to go find that hot summer night vaporwave track. Not just hit play on an artist's album. But I also want to be able to pull up the good albums not just the good tracks.

& I want playlists not to be treated as disposable metadata. Hold it together with musicbrainz IDs, not just filenames

even a query as simple as "give me all songs in Playlists A that are tagged as post punk, goth or darkwave AND have bpm below 120" is not doable with any music player I know of

it's fucking 2022 how are we so far behind. there's whole dedicated databases of music metadata but music players either don't implement integration for them or don't support actually doing anything useful with that data

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I just finished "The Lives of the Monster Dogs" and well THAT sure is a weird as hell book

“Christianity didn’t become a world religion because of the quality of its teachings, but by the quantity of its violence.”


@Nezchan My riders with me on my trip down the west coast of the US a long time ago would go squat in the woods, usually. Undignified but made it work. Many places had sufficient stops to just go when it was needed, but there were a few stretches.

@Annalee Oh man I feel this deep in my soul. I had to check which airport I booked tickets to thrice, and packing is gonna take me a week.

@RexMagenta @Nezchan I need to re-read it to see if I should still recommend it but The Fifth Sacred Thing sent me as a teen

@Janetgunter @Corina I know right? He outpaces me, and he's dealing with long covid! Ebikes are magic really.

there should be no guilt in unfinished projects. you can always go back to finish it later. and even if you never do, it was still good practice for the next project!

@Janetgunter @Corina My husband's like this too! So limited by foot injury and covid, he's wiped if he walks a mile, but he can bike 18 miles!

Ugh why do I struggle to write recognizable archetype characters so much? They keep fleshing out and then not being recognizable anymore.

@Nezchan No but I get frustrated with both of them for the same reasons.

@melindrea Something they really like but are embarrassed about; being queer, gay, autistic, adopted or something else situationally socially stigmatized; a gift found but not yet given; someone else's secret known and entrusted but not revealed; something that someone just feels smugly private about—a sense memory with a private meaning that isn't something one would share or would make sense to; a struggle a sibling or family member is having.

Patricia Wrede's writing advice is some of the best I've ever found on an author's blog. Never prescriptive and she actually understands that different people work different ways.

Beware emerald green books. The Poison Book Project seeks to identify books dyed with toxic pigments:

@mcc right? Best done in the context of a supportive arts movement I guess?

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