Steven Universe is super even-handed about doing this to every character who appears regularly, but even so there's some who persistently have storylines around how they don't fit in.

Amethyst. Peridot. Lars. Pink. It's one of the themes of the show to a huge degree.

But interestingly, these groups don't overlap very much. Arguably Steven is in multiple, but mostly the groups are discrete.

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One thing it doesn't capture is inter-GROUP conflict. I wonder if there's a way to do so.

Here's a Star Wars version.

Note how Maz and Leia don't have conflict with the nature of the groups they're in. They only have conflict with other groups.

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So I just came up with this interesting way to approach story characterization that I'd never seen before. Sort of a way to visualize potential for conflict within and across groups, and at the same time can function both as a character balancing and story balancing tool.

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