I wrote about being a disabled cyclist and how my e-bike saves me on a regular basis. The government can do more to make it ok to use a bike as a mobility aid wheelsforwellbeing.org.uk/my-e


@Janetgunter I can now walk 300m max, but cycle 6km if I have to. My ebike is my mobility aide, just like yours. I loved reading this! <3

@Corina Thanks! That is a remarkable walking to cycling ratio. Amazing for you. Good to meet another like me.


@Janetgunter @Corina My husband's like this too! So limited by foot injury and covid, he's wiped if he walks a mile, but he can bike 18 miles!

@Janetgunter @Corina I know right? He outpaces me, and he's dealing with long covid! Ebikes are magic really.

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