Okay, so hiveminds ... I need help for a story. In it, the main character will be able to read memories, but doesn't realise it yet.

What is a good "secret" that a teen girl might keep from her friends, that isn't ... well, cheating on someone, killing someone or what have you.

The scenario being something like Sigrun asking about X, which their friend never told Sigrun (or other friends) about. Like having gotten a puppy, or ... I dunno. That's where my imagination ended.


@melindrea Something they really like but are embarrassed about; being queer, gay, autistic, adopted or something else situationally socially stigmatized; a gift found but not yet given; someone else's secret known and entrusted but not revealed; something that someone just feels smugly private about—a sense memory with a private meaning that isn't something one would share or would make sense to; a struggle a sibling or family member is having.

@aredridel Thanks! I kind of like the gift found but not given idea, especially since the impression I have of the person whose secret it is isn't exactly the most ... secretive of people. So they probably *would* generally have shared whatever-it-is on social media.

The intent is to give one of the first hints on what Sigrun's developing powers are.

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