Anyone have any scifi from before 1985 that they think still holds up?

@aredridel Apparently, A Clockwork Orange is a scifi film, so that, I guess. Also, in looking up a list of scifi films, I discovered a film called Nude on the Moon, which I must now see.

@aredridel Oh! Oh! Terminator was 70's, wasn't it? Damn good film. Alien was also 70's, right? The only thing is, you've probably already seen both of those.

@aredridel most of star trek tos has a lot of good episodes, tho the set decoration can take some adjusting to

Ursula K Le Guin’s pre-80’s stuff is all pretty solid (Earthsea started in 1968, Left Hand of Darkness is 1969, all the short stories in Winds 12 Quarters are pre-1975, etc)

@aredridel I havent read Butler’s earlier stuff (i loved the parable series) but its definitely on my list! She started publishing in the early 70’s i think

@Satsuma Yeah, that's about the list I came up with too, and I'm wondering how much holds up to modern standards. Left Hand of Darkness is okay, but as storytelling of scifi we've come a long way. And a lot of stuff couldn't be aimed at directly because it would never get published — so it's cleverly built but obtuse.

@aredridel yeah i’ll be interested to see if anyone has any other recommendations! I definitely don’t read a ton of older scifi so I’m not necessarily the person to go to for this kinda thing haha

@aredridel Hmmm… how about:

The 1976 movie adaptation of “Logan’s Run”.

The 1966 movie adaptation of “Fantastic Voyage”.

The 1956 original movie “Forbidden Planet”.

The 1954 movie adaptation of “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”.


Yeah … while one of the sub’s crew on Fantastic Voyage is a woman, and Logan’s Run becomes a Logan-Jessica team-up, on Forbidden Planet the one woman is a damsel in distress, and I don’t recall any women on the Nautilus.

That’s all the “pre-1985” and “holds up” I’ve seen.

Definitely avoid 1968’s Barbarella. Despite having a female protagonist, it’s basically eye-candy for straight boys, which anyone under 30 will not be able to sit through, even ironically.

@tenthousandworlds aye. I's funny, i have so much less a problem with ogling than objectification. Once in a while an old film comes through on that front

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