It's funny how hard it is for me to write school kid characters. I grew up unschooled, _and_ my primary exposure to school culture was in the 80s— or media derived from then.

Turns out "school is boring, let's cut class" is not a thing now, not recognizably, and it can't drive all the tropes of 1980s high school situations anymore. So much hangs on that schema.

You don't have the jocks and nerds exactly, not that that has been anything but a trope, but now you have kids driven to excel at all costs, anxious and stressed. "I want to do well on this test" or "I care about learning" is not the nerd outsider anymore. It's the mainstream.

Teachers aren't _boring_, they're _frustrating or controlling or overwhelmed_.

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Everyone tries to manage extracurriculars, 'cause you "have to" to make it. And then you have the kids who feel like failures because they can't keep up. And then you have the few kids who seem to make it easily, have all the support they need, and don't care enough about how hard it is for everyone else. Self-centered in the way their blind privilege of a sort works.

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