It's really weird and interesting to write stories and think about how they'll be received when you're a queer, rural-raised, mountain hippie cyberpunk anarchist unschooler.

My whole life I've had this distinctly Different worldview. That part's normal to me. But writing has this way of making me think about how other people see it and then it suddenly looks weird.

It doesn't help that I'm writing something set around a high school.

- School has never been the center of my universe. That job is for libraries & the Internet
- My parents aren't controlling or protective. If I wanted to do something, I did it.
- I don't really care if other people are like me. The default for social groups to me is heterogenous.
- Gender's weird.
- No, really, gender is _super_ weird the way WASPs perform it. How does anyone live this way?
- Shame isn't really a thing I do.
- I've got really strong principles I tend to hold to.

So I'm writing a story about a bunch of teens who discover the world around them is weirder than they thought. But none of the tropes quite make sense to me. Why _do_ teens treat teachers as adult authorities to evade? Why is sex fraught the way it is? Why do people segregate by gender? What motivates the weird shame-ridden behaviors people have as they figure themselves out? I've kinda been there? But not really.

Some of this is just needing some drama to write. Nobody wants a story about "there was magic, they figured out how it worked, nobody did anything harmful, it was pretty cool, the end."

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