How frustrating would it be to read a whole novel written in the present tense?

@aredridel Sometimes people tell first person stories like that, so if it was done correctly, I bet it'd be fun. :)

@aredridel I find it very frustrating, and will abandon to book over that aspect alone. (Writing it in second person is also a deal breaker for me.)

@aredridel I couldn't make it halfway through the first book before giving up in irritation.

@aredridel I've seen a very, very few authors do it well and a bunch do it badly. Definitely something I'd consider an advanced technique to be practiced in short stories and unpublishable manuscripts before attempting a publishable novel.

I'm afraid I don't have any useful advice to give on using.It's been long enough since a read a well-done present tense that I don't remember what made it work.

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