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I'm Aria, I'm going to use this account for some of the writing I've been doing lately. I'm working on what I keep saying is a teen transgender urban fantasy.

I read a ton of science fiction, and have a complicated relationship with fantasy. I'm hoping I can build a world I like. Other people too, we'll see.

So who likes magic systems, video game references, ensemble casts, and thinks teenagers are actual people?

I am super looking forward to this (free!) stream series about Point of View starting tonight

I'm so glad that writing is not like iron, capable of being overwrought by mere reworking. To be sure, it can be brittle or more florid and ornate than is useful, but we get so much more freedom to change things. Such is our peril too.

The clock maker studied the plans.
"This is... Not right."
"Can you build it?"
"Of course! But I can't promise it will work."
It worked, if you were close. Every hour had 61 minutes, every minute 61 seconds.
"48 minutes per day. What will you do with the extra time?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Anyone have any scifi from before 1985 that they think still holds up?

Dear past imperfect mood, will you kindly HAVE BEEN FUCKING OFF ALREADY. I am trying to write pithy prose here.

The anthropological study of writers giving writing advice and the communities they form would be _fascinating_

Don't get me wrong, I love a good flavorful protagonist and PoV character, but it's really hard to build relationships where you root for everyone involved that way. You can flip flop for a duo, especially if there's antagonism, but once you get a few more people involved it's damn hard.

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Writing third person omniscient is so hard, but I can't figure out another way to make a fantasy story with an ensemble of characters who are rarely apart work right. I see why so many authors use third limited, but have a bland character to make the PoV, so you can get the world and other excellent characters in focus rather than the PoV character sometimes. Not gonna lie, I'm struggling hard here. If anyone has tips I'm all ears.

Everyone tries to manage extracurriculars, 'cause you "have to" to make it. And then you have the kids who feel like failures because they can't keep up. And then you have the few kids who seem to make it easily, have all the support they need, and don't care enough about how hard it is for everyone else. Self-centered in the way their blind privilege of a sort works.

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You don't have the jocks and nerds exactly, not that that has been anything but a trope, but now you have kids driven to excel at all costs, anxious and stressed. "I want to do well on this test" or "I care about learning" is not the nerd outsider anymore. It's the mainstream.

Teachers aren't _boring_, they're _frustrating or controlling or overwhelmed_.

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It's funny how hard it is for me to write school kid characters. I grew up unschooled, _and_ my primary exposure to school culture was in the 80s— or media derived from then.

Turns out "school is boring, let's cut class" is not a thing now, not recognizably, and it can't drive all the tropes of 1980s high school situations anymore. So much hangs on that schema.

Sure would be nice if my life context stopped changing faster than I can write my novel.

Anyone got any ace romance stories they can recommend? The ones I've read seem... much more sensible (familiar? comprehensible? not sure the right adjective) than the more conventional romances I read.

Already enjoyed (and recommended!) are Books and Bone by Victoria Corva, Our Bloody Pearl by D. N. Bryn, and a couple of the Toronto Connections stories by Cass Lennox.

"Sir," the dragon said, "why do you seek to kill me?"
"You're a dragon! You hoard wealth, and eat women!"
"Old dragons do that. Us young dragons don't. Kill the old ones."
"They're too strong to kill!"
"They'd be dead by now, had you let younger dragons live to challenge them."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

"Look, I get you like to hunt. I saw you with the birds the other day - a bit embarrassing to be honest - and those mice, but --"
The cat crouched, wiggling just a tiny bit.
"No wait! Seriously. Look. Pointy bits. You will get stabbed. Not worth it."
The hedgehog raised a paw, vaguely indicating it's entire self. The cat relaxed, dejected.
"What should I do, then?"
"…Nice day we're having?"
"Rubbish hunting."
"It's like that sometimes. Got a huge slug last night!"


And when a mix doesn't put me in the right space to write that character, it might be something wrong with the characterization or the playlist. 50/50 which but it's a neat tool to find it.

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One is totally the kind of kid who'd listen to dubstep remixes of stuff and super emotive stuff like Lindsey Stirling, another is totally the kind of kid who listens to punk and nothing but. It's so good to find the headspace.

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I must say, making character playlists for getting inside a character's head before writing has been a superb idea.

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