Excited about tomorrow’s release of Scrivener 3, I thought I’d upgrade my MacBook to High Sierra - and discovered I hadn’t run Time Machine since New Year’s Eve 😳

As an IT professional I should know better than this... *sigh*

Belated - by day I’m a mild-mannered web developer, by night (well, early morning) I write fantasy novels: my Elizabethan alt-history trilogy is out now, and I’m currently working on a new book set in a secondary world full of fabulous beasts, clockwork marvels, thieves, spies and all that good stuff.

When coding or writing I knit, play Assassins Creed and indulge my passion for stationery and art supplies. Not at the same time, obv!

My is an epic fantasy (hopefully 1st of a series) set in a 17th/18th century-esque world of alchemists, merchants and thieves.

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