Hooray! The first review of The Raven Tower to misgender Eolo! How delightful(not).

(I know. Don't complain about reviews. It's nice to get reviews. Reviews aren't for me. But sometimes things do irritate me.)


Mute people if you don't want to see their posts.

Block people if you don't want THEM to see YOUR posts.

US followers--tomorrow is Election Day! Do you know where your polling place is? How you're getting there?


Today's tea is 2014 Yunnan Sourcing Cha Tou Sheng Yun Ripe Pu-erh, part of a sampler of 2014 pu-erhs I got from Yunnan Sourcing. This is the first one I've tried from the sampler, it's very nice.

Quoth my (so far clearly delightful) copy editor for The Raven Tower: "Note: This author sometimes uses commas in an unorthodox way, to indicate pacing or tone." It's a fair cop, Copy Editor!

I have just tried Fried Egg Flavor Potato Chips and they're...they're ok. They do indeed taste like fried egg. Or more precisely, they taste like a runny egg yolk. It's ok. I probably won't buy them again though.

Today's tea is Ancient Puer, from the London Tea Room. Accompanied by bread I made yesterday (in the actual oven, cause the temperature dropped a *lot*) with honey.

Reminder to the Shop that our Code of Conduct forbids harassing people about their food choices, so you'll have to leave your misogynistic jokes about Pumpkin Spice Lattes at the door.

But y'all are a witty bunch and I know we can trust you to rise to the occasion and tell jokes that are actually funny.

I have read the second novel ever to win a Best Novel Hugo so I say with certainty that if you utter the sentence "X is the worst novel ever to win the Hugo" and X is not "They'd Rather Be Right" you have some re-thinking to do.

Today's tea will be that sencha from the international grocery, because it just feels like a green tea day.


Y'all, do you know you can make bread in your Instant Pot?


I just halved this recipe alexandracooks.com/2012/11/07/ and followed the instructable above, and now I have a big steamed bun thing. No crust, but still. It's homemade bread that didn't heat the kitchen up on a sweltering day.

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