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Nearly every time I read Miss Manners I'm struck by how often people write to her in the hope she'll approvingly drape the mantle of propriety over their assholishness.

Today's tea is that sencha I got a big bag of at the international grocery. It is a perfectly cromulent sencha. Also the house is very quiet--the cats have been fed and no one else is awake.

Kind of wishing I could be a fly on the wall when a particular email gets read. Someone is going to be having a bad day.

Today's sub-toot--for which context will not be forthcoming--has been sponsored by Schadenfreude.

Just some info in case you're a pin person or have important pins and find the regular clutchbacks to be less secure than you'd like.

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One snaps on to the pin like a regular one would, and you have to pull a little thing at the back to release it. Like these: …

I've put these on the back of all my finalist pins, both Nebula and Hugo. They seem very secure.

Another sort you use an allen wrench to tighten onto the pin stem. …

You might be able to find either or both of these in a regular craft store as well, though the ones near me only have the usual kind.

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Some discussion this last weekend about losing pins. SO. If you have lots of fabulous enamel pins, and/or worry about losing particularly important ones (like, say, Hugo rockets), consider getting some locking pin backs. Links ahead.

NOTE: I do not endorse any of the sellers I'm linking to, they were just the first ones to come up when I searched Etsy for "locking pin backs." You can find these other places, check google. Anyway. There are two kinds that I know of.

Basically: if Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson were standing right in front of you, would you say the thing you're about to say to a woman you don't know on the internet? If not, maybe don't say it! It's probably mean, rude, and/or sexist!

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Hey folks!

We closed registration in the Shop because we got a wave of spammers--like so many they were drowning out our local timeline. We're bummed that's making it harder for real people to get into the shop, and are trying to be as free with invites as possible. Please feel free to ping me if you'd like an invite. Shop members can generate their own invites here:

A common failure mode for image descriptions is giving way too much irrelevant detail. For example, if I'm talking about fountain pen storage, all I need to say is "my fountain pen storage case." Listing out the make and color of each pen is just going to bog down screenreaders with irrelevant information that folks will have to skip through.

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I got my toenails painted--in a massage chair, after having my feet exfoliated. It was a super nice half hour of relaxation and I am def going back to that salon again next time. (Up to now I've been trying different places.)

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When I travel, I get my nails done. I get a gel manicure so I know that A) my nails look decent and B) they will continue to look decent for two weeks or more no matter what I encounter during my trip. But I had never gotten a pedicure in my life. Until today.

I got home and said to the 20yr old "OMG apparently pedis are super luxurious."

"What," she says, "you got your toes painted. How is that luxurious?"


Hey #Fediverse. When you post pictures, please please please with puppies on top fill in that description box for the visually impaired. You will be helping us out tremendously. We want to enjoy your pictures as much as others do. You don't have to write a novel, but just fill in some details.

Thanks with much love:
A Blind Dude

Today's tea is Maeda-en Authentic and Traditional Sencha. I got it at the international grocery. It's ok.

I'm out of nicer sencha, but I need to clear out tea I already own before I buy anything more.

Today's is Black Gold Bilochun from Tearunners. One of those nice, sort of sweet black teas with faint chocolaty notes.

Apropos of recent thread, and not because it's come up recently in reports:

The Shop does not have an instance-rule requiring folks to hide politics behind a cut. You're welcome to mute or block any user whose posts annoy you for any reason, but the definition of 'politics' is too vast and deep to restrict it without stifling conversation on the instance.

Today's tea: Maple Walnut Sencha from the London Tea Room. This may sound like an unlikely combination but it's a lovely tea, one I highly recommend, though I do know of folks who aren't fans.

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